Text Message from AT&T

AT&T Today I received a nice text message from AT&T. It told me that if I upgrade to the newest software, I will receive “fewer dropped calls, improved battery life and get the latest enhancements to Maps, Mail and Safari.” It then went on to say exactly what I needed to do in order to upgrade. There are a few things I find strange about this text message…one, firmware 2.2.1 has been out since the end of January two, Doug’s grandma also received the same text message a few days ago (she is on firmware 2.2…as am I) however, neither Doug nor his grandfather received the text message (they are on 3.0 beta 2 and 2.2.1). This leads me to believe they are only sending it to people who are not on 2.2.1 or above. I’m curious to know if you also received the text message from AT&T and what firmware you are on. Screenshot of the full text message below. [Read more…]