iOS 4.3 Now Available

As suspected, the iOS 4.3 update was released today. If you are looking to upgrade to 4.3… you can plug your device into your computer, head over to iTunes and select the “Check for Update” option. This will allow you to update your device to iOS 4.3. Below is Apple’s official changelog for 4.3.

Remember: If you are jailbroke and want to keep your jailbreak… hold off on updating to iOS 4.3. We will let you know when there is a new jailbreak out. The Dev-Team says that the wait shouldn’t be too long because @i0n1c has a 4.3 untether ready. We’ll keep our eye out. [Read more…]

Upgrade to 4.2 on Any Device Early & Jailbreak

Apple has released the new version of firmware for all devices (besides first generations of course), version 4.2, to developers. The final, gold master file is ready. This means it will install even if you’re not a developer. This is the firmware that brings folders and backgrounding to the iPad and printing to all devices! The firmware will probably be out officially from Apple via iTunes within a week or so but if you want it early, follow the directions below. If you want to jailbreak, see the instructions following the update instructions.

As of the writing of this article, Cydia isn’t ready for 4.2 and I’m also not sure that this will work on the iPad for sure. Please correct me on this. The dev team blog says to point redsn0w at firmware 4.1. The iPhone runs 4.1 but not the iPad. You may be able to point it a previous iPad firmware but I haven’t tested this yet. I’m honestly waiting to jailbreak myself once Cydia is ready. We will update this article once we can confirm. I recommend syncing your device before starting this. [Read more…]

New Poll – Will you upgrade to the 4.1 firmware?

iOS 4.1 As we mention in episode 18 of i101… it is rumored that iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch is scheduled to be released tomorrow. What will you do?

Will you upgrade to iOS 4.1 when it's released?

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MMS Now Active on iPhone 3G and 3GS (AT&T)

##ICON_NAME## Today is the day! AT&T has finally launched MMS for the iPhone! YAY! Below is the press release. To enable MMS “connect your iPhone to your computer and click “Check for Update” in iTunes. Once the update is completed, restart your iPhone by turning it off then on again. Note that iPhone OS 3.1 is required so you may need to update your software first.” [Read more…]

Snapture Giving Free App Store Upgrade to Jailbreak Customers

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Snapture The CEO of Snapture Labs, the developers of the very cool camera application Snapture, has released a letter to jailbreak customers. A couple days ago we informed you that Snapture (formally a jailbroke application) had made it’s way to the App Store. This left many of us wondering where those of us who purchased it as a jailbroke app stood. Well, the company has decided to address the issue giving everyone who purchased Snapture as a jailbroke app a free upgrade to the App Store version of the app. Below is the letter from the CEO with specifics of how and when you can receive the upgrade.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip!
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More Features for Facebook 3.0 Update – Video Upload

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

facebook Yesterday, Doug wrote about the Facebook 3.0 update and all the cool new features that it is going to have. Well, it seems the developer is still hard at work and if those new features weren’t enough, he has also integrated video upload ability into the 3.0 update. I have a feeling he has made a lot of iPhone 3GS users happy with the new feature. He also said, “Nothing like a few bazillion emails, tweets, and blog comments to motivate you to sneak in a few extra features at the last minute.” We don’t know what the “few extra features” are but, so far, he is off to a great start! Keep up the good work!

New Poll – Did you upgrade to firmware 3.0?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – Will you purchase the iPhone 3GS? Below are the results.

* Yep – It will be my first iPhone! (9.0%, 106 Votes)
* Yep – Upgrading from the 1st Generation iPhone. (16.0%, 191 Votes)
* Yep – Upgrading from the 2nd Generation iPhone. (24.0%, 289 Votes)
* Nope – Keeping my 1st Generation iPhone. (9.0%, 107 Votes)
* Nope – Keeping my 2nd Generation iPhone. (35.0%, 425 Votes)
* Nope – Sticking with my iPod Touch. (6.0%, 69 Votes)
* Nope – Still no iPhone. :( (3.0%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,224

Now that firmware 3.0 is finally available, did you upgrade? [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 – No Jailbreak Yet, Hold Off On Upgrading

##ICON_NAME## BigBoss posted an article today stating that there is currently no jailbreak for firmware 3.0 (the real thing, not the betas). Yes, you can use the 3.0 b5 jailbreak tools but, it’s not advised. Below is what BigBoss has to say on the matter.

As for the rest of us who are not on firmware 3.0 yet, they will probably have it jailbroke before we even get it on June 17th. However, even if they do have it jailbroke by the release date, there is rumor that many of the jailbreak apps will not work on firmware 3.0. Doug says apps like WinterBoard, WeatherIcon, LiveClock, Cycorder do not work on firmware 3.0 b5. So, on June 17th, you might want to hold off on upgrading until we can figure out how everything works. We will keep you up-to-date. [Read more…]

Text Message from AT&T

AT&T Today I received a nice text message from AT&T. It told me that if I upgrade to the newest software, I will receive “fewer dropped calls, improved battery life and get the latest enhancements to Maps, Mail and Safari.” It then went on to say exactly what I needed to do in order to upgrade. There are a few things I find strange about this text message…one, firmware 2.2.1 has been out since the end of January two, Doug’s grandma also received the same text message a few days ago (she is on firmware 2.2…as am I) however, neither Doug nor his grandfather received the text message (they are on 3.0 beta 2 and 2.2.1). This leads me to believe they are only sending it to people who are not on 2.2.1 or above. I’m curious to know if you also received the text message from AT&T and what firmware you are on. Screenshot of the full text message below. [Read more…]