Snapture Giving Free App Store Upgrade to Jailbreak Customers

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Snapture The CEO of Snapture Labs, the developers of the very cool camera application Snapture, has released a letter to jailbreak customers. A couple days ago we informed you that Snapture (formally a jailbroke application) had made it’s way to the App Store. This left many of us wondering where those of us who purchased it as a jailbroke app stood. Well, the company has decided to address the issue giving everyone who purchased Snapture as a jailbroke app a free upgrade to the App Store version of the app. Below is the letter from the CEO with specifics of how and when you can receive the upgrade.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip!

Dear Snapture Jailbreak Customers,

I’m sure you have been following Snapture’s tremendous success on AppStore so far. We’ve shot up to #12 on the AppStore rankings in under 48hrs, and have gotten overwhelmingly great reviews from some of the biggest tech blogs, including Gizmodo, Wired and CNET. None of this could have been possible without the support of our loyal jailbreak users – so please accept our utmost gratitude.

Despite our great success, some of our most loyal jailbreak customers were left wondering what is going to happen to their Snapture licenses moving forward. We heard you through email, twitter and blogs of how you felt that we had left you in the cold. Let me assure you that we never forgot about you guys. It’s simply taken a couple of extra days to get our systems online for the impending migration which we are now prepared to rollout.

What are our plans?
Clear and simple, we’re offering every Snapture jailbreak customer a Free upgrade to the new Snapture on AppStore.

How are we going to do this?
The process is straightforward, but it does require a bit of work on your side.

Steps to obtain Free upgrade to Snapture AppStore:

This free upgrade will be offered for 1 week only – we plan to have a refund marathon session once we receive everyone’s requests. Again, please be very patient with us as it is an extremely tedious and manual process dealing with Paypal and Google Checkout.

Thanks again for your constant support. We look forward to continue serving you in AppStore.

Bowei Gai

See the full article and answers to some Fequently Asked Questions HERE.

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  1. David Patrick says

    Here is the problem, I cant use it causae I am on 3.01 FW 3GS thus I cant get the app to work unless I have 3.1 which I wont do till there is a Jailbreak or an app that will fake out the FW to make it think its on 3.1 safely

    Annyone have any ideas

    Thanks all

    • I am in the same boat. I may not get the rebate since I cannot run snapture on 3.01 bummer. Question can it be possible that 3gs cannot be jailbroken???

  2. Here’s a copy of the email I’ve sent, maybe its useful for anybody with the same problem.

    Dear Snapture,

    I’ve just got your email regarding the refund procedure for jailbreak customers.
    This is great news and i am very happy you haven’t forgotten us.
    However, there still is a slight problem. I’m sure you are aware that snapture only works on firmware 3.1,
    but at the moment there still is no new jailbreak for windows machine users available.
    So this leaves me kind of stuck with your refund procedure. I did buy the new version through the iTunes appstore.
    But i am unable to install it to the iPhone as it requires firmware 3.1, and i am running 3.0, because like your great app,
    there are still many more that did not make it in to the appstore and still require a jailbreak.
    So i am unable to activate snapture on my phone at this moment.
    I will wait for the new jailbreak for windows machines to become available, and then upgrade to firmware 3.1 for the iPhone.
    After that i can start using your great app once more.
    But in the meantime i cannot finish your refund procedure, and you state that the refund is for a limited time only.
    I hope you have some advice for me how to proceed now.

    And since you yourself started as a jailbreak app I’m sure you will not require your loyal first customers to give up
    all the great other jailbreak apps in order to qualify for this refund of your new official app.

    I’ve included the requested info for the refund procedure should you need it below.

    Best regards,
    LC, The Netherlands

  3. I am in the same situation… I also sent an e-mail to the Snapture team…

  4. Guys, you do realize you could still just DOWNLOAD the Snapture app so you’ll have it once you upgrade to 3.1.

  5. I’ve got a response from snapture with a link to a new FAQ with the following information:

    1. Why is Snapture Labs giving a Free upgrade to its customers?

    Moving to the AppStore was a giant undertaking for us. We want to make sure that we continue to meet the camera improvement needs of our legacy customers. Given our ability to support multiple product versions is limited, we want to encourage everyone to get onto firmware 3.1 and enjoy the highest quality Snapture product we have ever produced.

    2. Why are you limiting the free upgrade redemption to one week?

    The Snapture Labs team is smaller than most would imagine. Constantly refunding people will drain our time from any future development. This is why we plan to do a “refund marathon” session after we receive everyone’s upgrade requests. For this reason, we’re limiting the Free upgrade to one week only.

    3. Why do you want my UDID/Identifier?

    We use your UDID/Identifier to verify that you actually made a purchase on AppStore when requesting a refund.

    4. What about the old Snapture? Can I still get it? Purchase it?

    We do not currently support, maintain or host older versions of Snapture. We cannot email you binaries. If you still insist on finding an old copy of Snapture, then Google is your friend. Our best wishes to you.

    5. But Wait! I am on older iPhone firmware 3.01 or below, and I cannot upgrade to 3.1 yet. Can I still benefit from this upgrade?

    Please send an email to so we can contact you when it is possible for the jailbreak community to safely upgrade to 3.1 firmware. Feel free to use the red contact button on the left.

    After you are notified of the upgrade availability, you will have two weeks of time to upgrade and install Snapture. After that, we will do a final round of “refund marathon session” to terminate this upgrade program.

    – you can find this info on

    And this is the response I’ve got after I emailed them at the adres:

    Thanks for contacting Snapture Labs in regard to alerts to Snapture
    upgrades. Please read the following very carefully.

    You will be contacted once there is a safe method to upgrade to 3.1 FW
    on your jailbroken phone. After that, we will open a 2 week period
    when you can upgrade to Snapture on AppStore, and we will refund you
    the cost of this upgrade via either Paypal or Google Checkout.

    In the mean time, we will not open/read any emails sent to this
    address. If you have questions, please email
    This mailbox exists soley so we can collect the list of customers that
    have issue upgrading to 3.1.

    Again, do not expect to reply from this mailbox. We will contact you
    when the tools are ready for you to upgrade.

    Best of luck. We look forward to having you as a customer on AppStore soon.

    The Snapture Team

  6. I can’t update as 3.1 “breaks” Exchange Activesync security.

  7. Dear Snapture Customers,

    We hear ya.

    The team has discussed the 3.0 customer situation and came up with a way to address your concerns.

    We’ve updated our FAQ page to reflect this. Please visit the link for details.

    The Snapture Team