iOS 4.1 Breaks Jailbreak and Unlock – via Dev-Team

Dev-Team Like most firmware updates… iOS 4.1 breaks the current jailbreak and unlock. This is especially true for unlockers due to the fact there there is no way to revert your baseband. I’m sure the guys over at the Dev-Team are working on updating the jailbreak. We will keep you informed on how they are doing. Below is what the Dev-Team has to say about upgrading to iOS 4.1.
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New Poll – Will you upgrade to the 4.1 firmware?

iOS 4.1 As we mention in episode 18 of i101… it is rumored that iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch is scheduled to be released tomorrow. What will you do?

Will you upgrade to iOS 4.1 when it's released?

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