Firmware 3.0 – No Jailbreak Yet, Hold Off On Upgrading

##ICON_NAME## BigBoss posted an article today stating that there is currently no jailbreak for firmware 3.0 (the real thing, not the betas). Yes, you can use the 3.0 b5 jailbreak tools but, it’s not advised. Below is what BigBoss has to say on the matter.

As for the rest of us who are not on firmware 3.0 yet, they will probably have it jailbroke before we even get it on June 17th. However, even if they do have it jailbroke by the release date, there is rumor that many of the jailbreak apps will not work on firmware 3.0. Doug says apps like WinterBoard, WeatherIcon, LiveClock, Cycorder do not work on firmware 3.0 b5. So, on June 17th, you might want to hold off on upgrading until we can figure out how everything works. We will keep you up-to-date.

“Yes, 3.0 GM is released to developers. This is the final 3.0 release. There is no jailbreak for it at this time. Do not yet upgrade. There are rumors of people using the 3.0 b5 jailbreak tools. This is a terrible idea. It will replace most your 3.0GM with B5 components. You will not have a real 3.0 final any longer, instead you will have a hybrid 3.0 and beta 5. It’s a terrible idea. Next week when beta 5 expires, your 3.0 jailbreak could expire as well and you would have to restore all over again.Yes, some people may claim that they did this and “it works fine”. But as I just stated, it is not a real 3.0 final any longer. Definitely not a good idea nor is this something you want.

Just wait a few days and you should be ok.”

You can check out the post on his website HERE.

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  1. Can’t Wait…..Getting Excited for the Jailbrake!

  2. Will there ever be a unlock for the 2.30 baseband ?

  3. iLove my iPhone says

    bollocks, im on 3.0 right now and im loving it. i miss sbsettings and status notify, but i can go without them for now. 3.0 ftw

    • iLove my iPhone says

      this is one bug i notice, holding the home button to force close an app no longer works, and 2 new feature ive seen are now the call log shows call length in minutes, and you can open a safari link in a new tab

    • iLove my iPhone says

      another small but nice new feature it shows you on the lock screen, when listening to the ipod, the name of the song under the time without having to double click the hoem button to birng up the ipod controls

    • it always did that with the song title since 1.0

    • iLove my iPhone says

      youre right theyve just changed the font to something smaller thats why i didnt recognize it

  4. See, the reason that most jailbroken apps aren’t working on 3.0 beta (and the final release) is that the kernel has to be patched. Without the patched kernel, your stuff will just crash upon startup.

    It could be a few days or even weeks until a jailbreak is released.