Removing Uncategorized Icons from SpringBoard

AiS If you installed a theme called, iGreenic, then you probably have 12 Uncategorized icons on your SpringBoard. The only issue I have found with this is that it is basically impossible to remove these 12 uncategorized icons!! I tried deleting them and they just returned. I tried uninstalling the theme and that didn’t work. They even returned after I restored my iPhone! So, I did some research and found out what the deal was. I thought I would pass it along in case anyone else is having the same problem.

The icons are actually webclips and in order to remove them, you will need to ssh into your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will then want go into the var/mobile/Library/WebClips folder. In there you will see files with very long titles made up of letters and numbers. You will notice that 12 of them have basically the same file name except for the last number. Ex) E0E1221545BF41C7899B499EFFB09E91.webclip, E0E1221545BF41C7899B499EFFB09E92.webclip… If you open these files they will contain only an icon, which when previewed is blank. My files went from E0E1221545BF41C7899B499EFFB09E91.webclip to E0E1221545BF41C7899B499EFFB09E997.webclip. So, just delete those 12 files off your iPhone and then respring your SpringBoard…voilĂ  they will be gone!