Misc. App – ZIPcodes 0.2

ZIPcodes ZIPcodes is an app that allows you to look for zip codes…even zip codes in a number of countries. When you first open the app you will get a pop-up window saying that you have not installed a Country yet…just tap ok and it will bring you to the Preferences option where there is a list of all the available countries. Scroll down until you find the one you would like to add and tap on the green plus to the left of the country. Once you have chosen your country scroll back up to the top and you will now see it listed under Installed Countries. While you are in the Preferences options you can also choose to turn on/off the option to Search for updates. Once you are finished…tap Save in the upper right corner and then tap OK. Now, you can starting looking up zip codes…just tap on Browse in the lower menu bar. It then brings up a list of all of the countries you have installed, select a country by tapping on it. You can then browse by name or by zip code. If you browse by name… [Read more…]