AppSnapp Instant Jailbreak from Safari

There is now an easier way to jailbreak your iPhone. Just visit from Safari on your iPhone and follow the instructions. No need for a PC or mac. This works for iPhone and iPod Touch on version 1.1.1. And according to the F.A.Q. on – this works on non activated phones. There is a way to get to Safari by typing in some key commands. Here is what AppSnapp can do for you:

1. Jailbreaks iPhone/iPod Touch on 1.1.1

2. Patches Springboard to load third party apps

3. Activates non-AT&T iPhones automatically, while leaving already activated phones alone

4. Fixes YouTube on non-AT&T iPhones automatically, while leaving already activated phones alone

5. Installs v3.0b5 on the iPhone/iPod Touch

6. Fixes Apple’s TIFF bug, making your device MORE secure than it was without AppSnapp!

We have a 1.0.2 fake activated iPhone that we will be testing this with after restoring to 1.1.1.

AppSnapp Installer for iPhone 1.1.1 AppSnapp Installer for iPhone 1.1.1 AppSnapp Installer for iPhone 1.1.1 AppSnapp F.A.Q for iPhone AppSnapp F.A.Q for iPhone

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  1. Greetings, Little bit about myself. My name is Kamran, 30, Baku, Azerbaijan (this is the country btw). The friend of mine had business schedule in California, so I asked him to buy Apple iPhone for 399$, since it is fairly cheap and iPhone costs in my country 1500$ but thats unlocked one. So, he bought one last week and brought it over to me on saturday, new brand iPhone. I was quite happy, even though my friend warned me about locked iPhone. So I took out from the box, 1 iPhone, 1 earphones, charger & USB connector and few leaflets. Further it has 1 piece of SIM card (belongs to AT&T) inside of iPhone. Now my mission to activate, unlock and sim unlock, so, I started hard very hard to surf the net. I have done all that steps about dialing *#301# then tapping the contact’s URL, ding-dong, problem, I can not get to the settings, the window comes up saying “Safari cannot find the server”. I do not understand where the iPhone will get the connection to WI-FI, so thats mean I have to have WI-FI connection. PLS PLS PLS HELP ME HELP ME I BEG YOU SOS 911 AAA. Explain what should I do. I tried even to activate it through itune but I should have social security card number (I am not US citizen) and credit card (this is not a real problem). Please show me the way out, explain what to do. Could someone explain how to activate the phone, then unlock the iphone and free from AT&T, god please let me see that day I could use my brand new iPhone with my Azercell GSM sim card!!!

  2. Hello Kamran, I would love to help. Yes, you have to have a wifi connection for this to work, and it must not have a WEP security code on it. When you get the error that Safari cannot find the server you accept that message and as Safari closes you will see a list of available wifi only for a quick second, you must be fast. Again, there must be open wifi for this screen to appear. If you miss tapping on the wifi you will have to turn off the iPhone and start all over. If you do successfully select the wifi, you again, turn off the iPhone, repeat the steps, but this time the wifi will stay connected and Safari browser will work. Visit and is should then work. If you need more help just email me at

  3. hello guys =p
    umm i just got my iphone today and i did all the step required for jail break me! but once i click install it loads and then this little icon of a blue question mark sign comes up on the page its very small

    guys i really want to unlock my phone pelase help =[

    thanks in advanced

  4. Hi Romilie,

    2. Why do I have a blue question mark?

    This means you already ran AppSnapp once. Since we patch the TIFF bug, you’ll have to restore to run it again.


  5. I have a 4gb iphone, I had cingular, not at&t so i fake activated my iphone following directions online. I want to use the APPSNAPP installer, but i tried and it said i didnt have version 1.1.1 so it wouldnt let me.

    question 1, is it safe for me to update my itunes and iphone to version 1.1.1 even if i fake activated my iphone before?

    question 2, if it is safe, will i still be able to use my cingular sim after i use appsnapp after i update to version 1.1.1?

  6. Hi, I read the answer to Pietro. It happens the same on my iPhone (1.1.1 – 3A109a) I see the small question picture. So, (sorry if this is a very basic or stupid question) How do I restore mi iPhone?! If so, could you write a link for restoring my iPhone so I could get good working.


  7. I have an issue. I followed all of the steps even in restoring my phone and yet I still get the blue question mark on my phone.This was dissappointing cause every phone number that I had is gone. The only consulation I thought I would get is that the installation would be ssuccessfuil and it still is not working. PLEASE HELP

  8. I get the blue ? as mentioned above and says to restore but no one is able to tell me HOW DO I RESTORE to download appsnapp again? Anyone?

  9. i have the same thing ,the blue dot in the top left of the loading page,but i think that this file is infected because if you try to go in this page with your internet connection ,you can not and it says that the file is infectet.please if some one get a solution ,just post it for us ,thanks

  10. If you are getting the blue question mark…it means you already ran AppSnapp once…so, you will have to restore your iPhone (you do this by holding the home button and the power button at the same time while plugged into a power supply or computer (make sure iTunes is closed) until you get a little plug and iTunes symbol on your iPhone’s screen. Then, open iTunes and it will recognize that you are in recovery mode and tap Restore. You can then try to run it again.

  11. when i restore my ipod touch will i loose my files?

  12. @will….yes, when you restore, it will put your ipod touch completely back to stock. It will be the same as when you took it out of the box. But, then you can sync it and put all your music and what not back on.

  13. InNeedOfHelp says

    Ok, I basically bricked my phone by not installing the Installer and the new firmware the right way (I’m impatient and not all that great with the technology stuff). And my boyfriend was nice enough to get the phone going again but now it is the boring ol’ normal phone that it was just with the new 1.1.3 firmware. I went to to get my Installer back and the stupid little blue ? is all I get. When I try to restore my phone to get back to version 1.1.1 it gives me a funky error message with a bunch of numbers. My boyfriend gives up cause he doesn’t want to put that much work into getting it working for me and says I just have to wait until April when they make all that stuff available to everyone through Apple but I can’t wait that long. Does anybody have any clue what I can do to fix my problem?

  14. I restored my iPhone and I still got the blue questionmark.

  15. @InNeedOfHelp and Matthew…you need to put your iPhones into “restore mode” before restoring them. That means you need to hold down the Home button and the Power button, on your iPhone, until you get a little plug and iTunes symbol (also, your iPhone needs to be plugged into power or your computer while you are doing this – but, make sure Tunes is closed if it is plugged into your computer). Once you have that symbol on your iPhone…open iTunes and it will recognize that your iPhone is in restore mode…you can restore it from there. Putting your iPhone into restore mode before restoring it is different then just going into iTunes and hitting the restore button! Make sure you restore to 1.1.1 and not 1.1.3…if you want to use AppSnapp!

  16. the issue for the blue question mark ,is your wifi connection.i had the same problem,resolved now. Make sure that you are using your own connection ,without password,put off the firewall,or any kind of limitation or internet protection. Also, keep your iphone connected to itunes ( activation screen ).

  17. Why do I get this error message??
    The installer installed right. But when I tryed to install oktoprep and any other software from the installer I got this error message ( Package download failed: can’t find host)

    What does this mean??

  18. Hi everyone,…
    Hope someone can help me a bit on this,… I am trying to get appsnapp installed on my iPhone but it just won’t load,… I can access through my iphone but once I click on “Install Appsnapp” it says LOADING,..but nothing happens at all no matter how long I wait,… Is there a problem with the site or is my iPhone being very moody? Any help greatly appreciated.

  19. after i updated my ipod to 1.1.3, everything i downloaded from jailbreak, inscluding the installer disappeared. i restored the ipod, like someone naer the top said, but i still got the blue ?. Anyone who can help me with this?

    • Hey guys-
      Appsnapp is not designed to work for 1.1.3. Restore to 1.1.1first, then use appsnapp.

  20. nayara oliveira says

    por favor gostaria que me enviassem instrucoes de como baixar musicas e vodeos no meu iphone

  21. Hi everyone,

    I installed it and sucessfully jailbroken my itouch, but there is a big problem………safari dosent work!!! (that’s like one of the best features about it!!!!!!) it gives the error message: “safari cannot find server” all the time! even when i hav a 3 bar wifi wireless connection on the ipod…=C sum1 plz help me. i really need to know how to get it up and running again.

    thanx =D

  22. how come in the example pictures..the iPhone says in the top left corner it says the iPhone is running verizon wireless

  23. for all of you that are getting the blue question mark on your ipod touch or iphone you need to have the software version 1.1.1 download a program onto your pc and when it is done downloading hit advanced options click dfu mode… this will erase everything from your ipod when the screen turns white go into itunes and where it says restore hold down shift and click restore now open the file that you downloaded for 1.1.1 if u do not enter in dfu mode first it will not work when it is all done (should not take more than 5 mins) go into safari and go to and scroll down to “install appsnapp” safari will close and reload home screen ipod/iphone will restart and there ya go if you need further assistants feel free to email me at

  24. I am 1.1.1 an yet when I go to the website it just won’t load am I doing something wrong ?

  25. hi um well I have had a problem with my iPod touch. I can’t install appsnap and (as told above) I have a blue box with a white question mark on the upper left corner please help.thanks alot (oh,and I have a 2nd generation iPod,how can I make it a 1.1.1 and reset it:)

  26. I get the blue question mark as well. I have restored it several times and I am using the 2.2.1 Software. What do I do?

  27. I’ve tried jailbreaking a hundred different ways. Each way takes me to which says that appsnapp has been shut down?