AppSnapp Update

Since recently crashing my iPhone I decided was forced to restore. This is perfect timing to show how the recent AppSnapp updates work. This iPhone is running v1.1.1 and activated through AT&T. Here are some of the new features and a video:

– Entire process is logged to /var/root/Media/AppSnapp.log and can be retreived with iphuc/ssh.
– Added a check to prevent AppSnapp from being ran on devices which are not running 1.1.1
– Improved reliability. I am no longer using raw sockets to send the payload files, they are being served back to the phone/ipod via HTTP. This greatly improves the chances you’ll actually get it jailbroken the first time :)
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New Video – AppSnapp

AppSnapp Instant Jailbreak from Safari

There is now an easier way to jailbreak your iPhone. Just visit from Safari on your iPhone and follow the instructions. No need for a PC or mac. This works for iPhone and iPod Touch on version 1.1.1. And according to the F.A.Q. on – this works on non activated phones. There is a way to get to Safari by typing in some key commands. Here is what AppSnapp can do for you: [Read more…]