TTR Update 1.3

TTR TTR (tap tap revolution) just released an update to version 1.3. The most obvious change is that when you open the game for the first time after the update it will ask you to enter your name (once you have picked your user name you can’t change it!). This is a SWEET new feature used to give you credit for the beats you have created but, even better, when you finish tapping to a song it gives you the option to send it to the internet and when you do that it puts your name on a list of top scores – if you are not in the top 9 scores it puts your name as number ten and the top nine and their scores above you (and yes, that is my name you see 3rd on Dance Off ) Some other cool new features are a pause button on the top left corner of the screen, which allows you to pause in the middle of tapping a song and an exit button on the top right corner which allows you to exit the song and go back to the main menu. They also changed the “you suck” to “failure” and added some more songs to the New Tracks section. I did noticed that when you tap the white bar at the bottom it flashes a little. I’m pretty sure it didn’t do that before the update…at least I don’t remember it doing that! Overall…great updates…though I’m slightly bias because I love this app. Here are some screenshots of the new features:

TTR Update 1.3 TTR Update 1.3 TTR Update 1.3 TTR Update 1.3 TTR Update 1.3 TTR Update 1.3 TTR Update 1.3

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  1. dalethefarmer says

    I contacted the developer of this app to see if he can tweak it to look like guitar hero III. I asked him if it’s possible, that would really rock…

  2. Im on 1.1.3 and everytime i go to load “iTunes Library” it freezes up.

    Ived changed the code to 755 and still nothing.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  3. Yes i im on 1.1.3 with the the modem firmware 04.04.05 and i Downloaded the TTR 1.1.3/4 fixes from BigBoss but it doesn’t seem to work any help plzzzzz.

  4. how do i get this on my iphone?