Customize 1.18 Update

Customize I finally had a chance to play with the new Customize (though Doug has already messed with his and wrote a post about it yesterday) but, I just wanted to add a few of my observations. First of all it is AWESOME that the “hide” feature is now working!! Scrolling through pages and pages of apps to find the one I wanted was not working well for me. It also didn’t help that all the apps were randomly placed…but, that is another AWESOME thing…the “organize” feature was also fixed with the update and is working great. One of the things I have found to be slightly difficult in the “new” customize, is scrolling through the apps without accidentally “hiding” one of them. I love that it is as easy as a tap to hide something but, I think it might be a little too easy. I did find a way around this. When you scroll…do it over the top of the little eyes and you wont tap things to hide/unhide them. That is because you have to be at least on the icon or further right to be able to tap and get the hide feature to work. It takes a little time to get used to since most of us are used to scrolling in the middle of our screen but, it does solve the problem. I do however think that it would be better if it were the other way around…tap on the eye to hide/unhide something. One thing that I do like, is the change in how you organize the apps. All you have to do now is tap on the very left (over the icon of the three bars) and drag the app where you want it. Overall, I love having all the features back that customize is capable of…learning to scroll correctly through the apps without annoying myself will take some time!

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  1. Did this version worked with 1.0.2 firmware? Or it’s only for 1.1.1?

  2. Could you please post some photos,or a small video for example.I know you may not have that time,but it will be very usefull.
    Thank you!

    PS: this is my favourite iphone website.

  3. In the Icon Display Order you can easily scroll without accidentally toggle the hiding by keeping the finger towards the right side of the screen after the names of the apps and before the position markers.

  4. Some of the names are too long though and I hit them, and if I go to far right it moves them. I think they should make it so when you tap the eye location it should toggle hidden and the name area is where you should scroll.

  5. Voland,

    The only information on Customize’s compatibility is that it is not compatible with version 1.0.2. The last version of Customize (version 1.15) was compatible with 1.0.2, 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. The only warning they gave this time was for version 1.0.2. So, I would assume it is compatible with 1.1.2 based on their information. Though, all’s iPhones run on 1.1.1 so we can’t tell you for sure.

  6. I have installed customize with no problem, The only problem I have is I can not change system sounds. I click on the sound I want but I still get the tri tone. i have searched for an answer on the web, no luck so far. I have a jailbroken (obviously lol) OOB UK 1.1.2 iphone.

  7. I installed this customize on a 1.1.1 and it will not turn on the program, goes back to start page all the time? do i need to have something installed before i install custimize??? Plz help!

  8. Try opening it more… It takes about 4 time of opening and closing.