iSolitaire Update 0.6

iSolitaire There was an update yesterday to iSolitaire in the I finally had a chance to look at it and it seems they have changed a few things and added a few new features. There have been a few changes with the themes; greenfelt has been added and is now what used to be the “default” theme and default is now a really cool wood like theme. They also added a donate button to the menu option. I think the best improvement from the update is that when you tap Deal it brings you immediately back to the play screen. Before, you would have to tap Deal and then Done.

iSolitaire Update 0.6 iSolitaire Update 0.6
iSolitaire Update 0.6 iSolitaire Update 0.6

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  1. Bob Ramsdell says

    How or where can you buy or download the Solitaire game as describe above

  2. This game is available in the under the games category. It is a 3rd party app…which means you need a jailbroke iPhone in order to put it on your iPhone. Please see the links above for more information on that. If you would like a webapp Solitaire (if your iPhone is not jailbroke) check out the following links by going to them on your iPhone.

    If you have any other questions feel free to email me at