CustomizeNM This is a great app that gives you back the features of Customize 1.13 by making version 1.13 compatible with version 1.1.1 of the iPhone. One of the features that I missed the most in the new Customize (version 1.18) is the ability to change the number of icons in my dock. Thanks to modmyifone…it is back. This app is installed through the modmyifone source and adds another customize icon to your springboard titled CustomizeNM. Just like in version 1.13 you hide icons by dragging them down into the “hidden” section (to drag an icon just tap on it, which brings up three little bars on the right side, tap on those and drag the icon where you would like it.) It also has a feature to put your icons in alphabetical order. If you tap settings you will get options for the number of icons in your dock, number of icons in your springboard and the ability to restore to backup. One thing you have to remember with CustomizeNM is that you will need to tap Save before you exit or will lose all the changes you just made. Also, when you install CustomizeNM it will bring all of the things you may have added to Customize over to CustomizeNM and if you change something in one it will affect the other. I love having some of the options of 1.13 back however, I do like a few features in the interface of Customize 1.18 better especially the ease of hiding icons with one tap instead of dragging them all the way to the Hidden section. I will leave it up to you to decide which Customize you prefer!

CustomizeNM has that Customize 1.18 doesn’t:
Change Phone Keypad
Change Notepad
Order Icons Alphabetically
Change Number of Dock Icons
Change Number of SpringBoard Icons
Restore to Backup

Customize 1.18 has that CustomizeNM doesn’t:
Change In Call Glow
One Tap Hiding
Saves Changes Automatically

Screenshots of CustomizeNM:

CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM CustomizeNM

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  1. Um, stupid question I know… but will this work on FW 1.1.2? I was kinda hoping that the name meant it wouldn’t work on FW previous is 1.1.1 (due to obvious changes to spring/summerboard) but would work on those versions after that major change. If I’m just that dumb please just chose to ignore/delete this questions. BTW please don’t hate me I love your website!

  2. JBA,

    The app says that it is a Customize 1.13 patch for version 1.1.1. But, from everything I have read it works with 1.1.2 as well. I read a few threads on and people running 1.1.2 said it worked perfect for them! So, I think you are safe to give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

  3. The author’s website didn’t say either way but it seems to work just fine on 1.1.2. I actually have tried using both new Customize (version 1.18) and CustomizeNM on the iPhone at the same time. I was wondering if going back into 1.18 would save the settings back to 4 dock icons but the 5 icon setting was persistent even after making and saving new changes.

  4. Does any one know of any sort of app that i can type out documents for work and save them to my iphone. This would be very helpful so that i can type up stuff when im on vacation or on the go. I would really enjoy this because i could just pop my
    iphone into the computer at work and transfer it

  5. The easiest thing to do would just be write your document in Notes and then email it to yourself. There is an option in Notes that allows you to email it. Hope that helps…if you have more questions email us at

  6. I’ve been trying to change the dial keypad but the change is never made. Does anyone else have problems with this?

  7. Hi

    I customised the number of icons on the front screen to 8. When viewing the front screen on the iphone now, there are only 8 icons plus the dock as expected. However, the customised icon has now gone from the screen so I can’t change the settings back to include all of the icons. (Other icons have disaapeared too like camera, pics and so on.)

    Can anyone help,

    thanks David

  8. I have a 1.07 phone which is unlocked with ibrikr. How can I update to 1.11 so the update can be done to 1.13 unlocked ?

  9. Use iTunes to update to 1.1.1, then follow this guide.

  10. where can i find this app to install this version of customize – i had to install the 1.21 version of customize as the OLD version 1.13 would not load and gave the error message that the fw as not 1.0.2. I have 1.1.1 and would like the NM version of customize but is not available to me on the app screen

  11. I add severall source, but i don’t find on installer the new update of customize for the firmware1.1.3 where can i download?
    thanks David