4Balls Update 1.2

4Balls There was an update for 4Balls…it adds some cool new features. It now gives you instructions on how to play the game and the first time you get to the play screen it gives you instructions on how to move the balls. It also says, Thinking, while your iPhone decides where it is going to move. But, the best change in the update, is when someone wins it tells you who won and shows you how they won by putting little red dots on the 4 balls that are in a row. Before, a window would pop up saying who won and giving you the option to play again and you didn’t really get to see how the player won. To start a new game you just tap on the screen. A very cool new update! Here are some screenshots:

4Balls Update 1.2 4Balls Update 1.2
4Balls Update 1.2 4Balls Update 1.2

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  1. Yeah, good app, but it would be much better if there would be a counter for the won games.

  2. I like this app too…I think it is even cooler that you can play with two people…it is the one of the only games that you can do that!! There were two games, iPong and Hockey, that were two player but neither one worked the best. So…it is fun to have one that works!!

    And, it would be cool if it kept track of your score!! You never know, maybe we will see it in the next update!

  3. Where do I download the app