iSolitare Update 0.7

iSolitaire There has been an update to iSolitaire in the The update adds a new Animation feature. Now, when a card flips over, it does this sweet little flip thing instead of just showing up. You can turn off the animation feature in the settings…but, I am definitely going to be leaving mine on!! A very cool update! Here are the screenshots:

iSolitaire Update 0.7 iSolitaire Update 0.7
iSolitaire Update 0.7

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  1. I can’t help but wish for iSolitaire to change its icon rid itself of the dark soft edges… much like the default icons of everything else on the iphone…

    How could I edit it for my own benefit? or, at least, send it to the developer if he/she is willing to use it?

  2. hopefully something like… this one?


    — can’t find any contact information from the developer though… :(

  4. Hi, I’m the developer of iSolitaire. Your icon looks very nice and will now use this from now on in my releases. Thanks

    PS: In the installer you can contact most app authors by clicking the Contact row in the package screen (see above screenshots)

  5. Very nice icon chetiboy, great job!!…we will also use it from now on…I am going to upload it right now!!

  6. I am super honored!!!!

  7. Hi, I love this game for the iPhone. The new animations are great too, but I recommend to speed them up a little. Now it’s like your showing them off too much (like we always say: don’t kill your darling)

    Also, it gets quite annoying to wait everytime.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.s: has anyone noticed that the cards don’t snap on the right place every time?

  8. Yeah…I will agree that the animation is a little slow but, you can always shut it off if you want to!! I leave mine on…I think it is sweet! And..I haven’t noticed anything with the cards not snapping into place. I will see if I have time to look at it a little more today…but so far it has been fine for me!

  9. The installed themes no longer work…