iSolitaire Update – 0.71

iSolitaire There is an update in the for iSolitaire (which is available through the Ste Packaging source). The update does exactly what I though it would…speeds up the animation. It now does it’s sweet 3D flip a lot faster!! Very cool!! Screenshot:

iSolitaire Update 0.71

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  1. and the new icon’s up too! Thanks chris miles! :)

  2. This game is awesome! However, I’m having a little problem with it now. Ever since I updated to .71 (from .7 I think), the game does not ever change (now it always starts with Q-spade, 7-club, 4-heart, A-heart, 5-club, A-spade, 5-heart). The game seems to be stuck on this one deal and I can’t beat it. It wasn’t like this on the previous version.

    Anyone else having this (or similar) problem? Any fixes for it?

  3. @Josh…huh, that is crazy…I have .71 installed and have not had that problem. Does it do it even when you go into the settings and tap Deal new game?

  4. Tapping the deal new game doesn’t shuffle them. It’s very annoying. Every game has the same cards dealt. It’s like it’s stuck or something.

  5. Good post, adding it to my blog now, thanks