New Game – Caissa

Caissa Caissa is available in the through the Ste Packaging Source. If you like Chess…you will like Caissa. It is very similar to the app Chess, which was also just released in the Caissa opens to a normal Chess playing board. In the top right corner you will find an Options button. You will want to start by setting a few options. You are given the ability to change both the white and black pieces to either Human, Auto or Server. You can also change the game difficultly from -4 to 10 (-4 being the easiest and 10 the most difficult). There are two options for the board appearance marble and wood. There are two option for the pieces as well…Normal and Advanced shape…though I can’t get the Advance shape to work…it just goes back to Normal. You will also see an About button in the top left corner…it gives you more information about the app. Once you have selected your options tap the Back button in the top right corner. You can then begin playing by tapping Start in the top left corner. To move your piece just tap on the piece you would like to move and drag it to the box you would like to move it to. The moves are displayed below the playing board. If you would like to leave the game but want to pick up where you left off next time you open the app, just tap Save in the bottom left corner…however, next time you open the app it will open to a new game and you will have to tap Load in the bottom right corner to load the game you saved. Here are the screenshots:

Caissa DressUp Caissa
Caissa Caissa Caissa Caissa Caissa Caissa Caissa Caissa Caissa

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  1. I installed this app and it does not work for me. It opens to the drawing, then exits. Since “Chess” just came out too, I thought I’d try that. It won’t run either. I tried re-starting, but can’t seem to see what’s wrong. Are there any know conflicts?

    Thanks for the great site. One of my new iPhone favorites.

  2. Huh…I’m not sure what the problem would be…it has worked on all the iPhones I have installed it on (so has Chess). I would try uninstalling the app…restart your iPhone…then reinstall the app. See if that works…also, install one and see if it works before installing the other one.

  3. Thanks. Tried that, no help. I am running 1.1.1 I do sometimes get a “low memory” message asking me to delete photos or videos. I have almost 2 Gigs free.

  4. Rusty,
    your problems may be associated with a low space. At the point when app unpacks, it will unpack all opening books(~ 2mb of text files).

  5. Rusty,
    there is a possible fix for your problem on our website

    give it a try

  6. shadowatoif says

    I have installed caissa twice and when I try to open the app. It tells me the software has expired. It also says to download the updated version. Where can I download the new version through installer?help please. Thank you.