Lockbox 0.5

Lockbox Lockbox is a cool little app that allows you to keep confidential information on your iPhone without anyone being able to see it. You can put passwords, credit card info or really any other information in this app which can then only be viewed once a password is entered. The app opens to a screen where you will need to choose your password and confirm it. It does not hide the password with asterisks this first time when you are setting it up so, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder!! You are able to change your password from inside the app…also, after the first time you enter your password it will hide it with asterisks. Ok, once your password is set up you will get a blank main menu. To add new information…tap the New button in the upper right corner. You will then see the option to add new password info, credit card info or other info. Just select the one you would like by tapping on it. Once you have chosen…you can enter in all of the information. Just tap on the area you would like to type in and a keyboard will pop up. You will also notice an option to add tags. Tags allow you to organize your information, for example, you could tag something password…later you can search for everything with the tag password. To add a tag, just tap Edit in the upper right corner and then add a new tag…you can also delete previously created tags by tapping on the red circle to the left of the tag and then tapping delete. You can also choose an existing tag by tapping on it! Once you have all your tags added tap Back in the upper left corner. If you have all your info filled out you can tap Back in the upper left corner to add your new information to the main list. Back on the main menu…there is an Options button in the upper left corner. When you tap on it…it will bring you to the options page where there are a few options; turning on/off the Tag Filter, turning on/off the password/secret you entered, turning on/off the select to edit option and the option to change your password. If you turn on the Tag Filter…you can then choose a tag(from the list of tags you have created) in which you would like it to display. So, lets say one of your tags is password…you can turn on tag filter and select password and then tap Back in the upper left corner and it will display all your entries with that tag. If you choose to turn on the Show Password/Secret it will display the secret you entered just below the title of the entry on the main list…if you choose to turn that off, it will show the secret you entered as asterisks below the title of the entry on the main list. If you turn on Select to Edit…you can just tap on an entry in the main list and it will bring you straight the the edit page…if Select to Edit is turned off, when you tap on an entry it will just highlight it and then you have to tap the arrow to the right on the entry to edit it. Once you have chosen all your settings, you can tap Back in the upper left corner to get back to the main list. If you would like to edit or delete an entry…just select it. This app will lock every time you close it and if your iPhone goes into standby (even if the app is open). Note: If you forget your password there is no way to get it…it is encoded into the app. Which means you will need to uninstall the app and reinstall it if you forget your password. Lockbox is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source. Below are some screenshots:

Lockbox 0.5Lockbox 0.5Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5 Lockbox 0.5Lockbox 0.5

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  1. I forgot my password and did just as is described above: I uninstalled the application and then reinstalled it. Unfortunately it is still asking for the password and I cannot start over. Suggestions?

  2. @Imasond…you will need to OpenSSH in and delete the Lockbox_v1.dat file…it is located in the private/var/root/Library/Lockbox folder.

    • So I updated the Lockbox and now all my passwords are gone (have them on keychain – don’t want to retype in iTouch). Where do I find the Library/Lockbox on the iTouch????

      I don’t see a library folder on the iTouch. Do you mean my desktop, there is a Library there, but the iTouch lockbox is not connected to my desktop.

      HELP, I can’t find any info on how to do this.

      BTW: Love this site. Very cool.


  3. Brooke –
    Thanks for the assistance. I used iPhoneBrowser and did just as you said and it work perfect…so far. Thanks for your help.

  4. YAY! I’m glad it worked! No problem at all!

  5. Does this app work on 1.1.3.? It starts out like it should, I create a password and then I enter that password again, then I enter my credit card info and close out of the app. When I go back to the app it opens up and asks me to enter/create a new password, when I do that again all of the info I enter is gone. Doesn’t seem to save my password or my info.
    Do you think that this is only because I’m running 1.1.3? This would be a great app for me because I don’t tend to carry my wallet around with me everywhere I go and this would help me keep all my info with me.

    Oh well, seems like another great app that doesn’t operate correctly because of 1.1.3.

    Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

  6. @David…I would assume that is what the problem is. I have not seen an update for Lockbox that specifically makes it compatible with 1.1.3.

  7. how to save my input? I do not find save button, but if I click back button, all I input will be loss.

    somebody can teach me?

  8. when I click “new” try to input a new record.
    there is only “back” and “delete” I can choice! r u kidding me?

  9. hi,Brooke

    my iPhone is 1.1.1, please teach me how to use the lockbox, I really need it.
    I use splashID on treo 650 before.

    • Just open the app, tap New in the upper right corner and then then enter in your info in the places provided. Just tap on the area you would like to type in and a keyboard will pop up. once you have all your info typed in tap the Back button in the upper left corner and it will be saved and you will see it on the main list. Check out the post and screenshots above.

  10. thx for ur patient Brooke, i did everything just like what u said.
    but when I tap the back button in the upper left corner, it didn’t saved for me and there is nothing in the home screen.
    what happend? somebody got the same trouble with me?

    • Huh…I don’t know what the deal is…I would try uninstalling and reinstalling it. I am running it on 1.1.1 and I just tried it and it works fine.

  11. hi, it works well now, the reason I can not find any items in homescreen is I turn the option “tag filter” on :( ….

    thx every one.

  12. how to backup the items on my computer?

  13. Great site thanks. The two different lockbox versions seem to think they are both updates of each other. As such, I can’t get rid of the 1 update badge on installer! Any ideas.

    • Yes…this happens if more than one source has the app in it. I have a million of these in my Installer….I still haven’t heard of a way to fix it…you just have to ignore it!!

  14. Righto. Thanks for the reply.

  15. hi there… im just looking at your screenshots and how do you get the network and wifi things (top most bar) pink??


  16. I NEED HELP, please!!! I’ve upgraded to the new vers. 0.7.1 and all my info disappeared?? Do I’ve any way to get back all my personal info that was already there???

  17. Same problem as Rookie… seems like I need to enter all my info again!!! *sigh*, but if someone can tell me how to recover my data that would be great!

  18. Found the solution!!! The latest version is installed under “mobile” user. So just copy Lockbox_v1.dat from /private/var/root/Library/Lockbox to /private/var/mobile/Library/Lockbox

    Problem resolved, and I have all my data back!!!

  19. Can’t find the App Lockbox on Installer 4, I already installed the Ste Packaging Source but I don’t see it ,Help me whit this Brooke???????