iZoo 1.0-2

iZoo iZoo is played like Bejeweled (I LOVE Bejeweled)…only with little zoo animal icons instead of jewels. When the app opens, there is a pop-up menu giving you the option to Donate Now or Donate Later. Once you have made your selection you will be brought to a blank play screen, to start a new game just tap Start in the upper left corner. The point of the game is to get at least three of the same animals in a row, either horizontally or vertically. You can only move one animal in order to make the three or more in a row. So, there already has to be two matching animals lined up in a way that you only need to add one more to make a row of three. To move an animal just tap and hold it and then drag it where you would like it. When you get three in a row…they will disappear and more animals will drop down into the places they disappeared from. Randomly you will get a little animal that looks like it is going crazy…really, it is flashing through all of the different animal icons…just tap it to make it stop and whatever animal icon it stops on…all the corresponding animals on the board will disappear.

You will also notice a purple bar moving along the top…that is a timer. If you get a “match” of three or more…it will give you more time…as you try to find your next move the time will continue to move down. When the time starts to get really low…all the animals will start wiggling…which only makes things worse when you already know the time is almost up and you are frantically searching for a move. It also keeps track of your points, in purple, at the top of the screen. Every time you get a match of three it adds 30 points to your score…if you get a match of four it will add 90 points to your score. You can tell how many matches you need in order to move on to the next level by the little animal icons next to the timer. Each animal has a number above it…that is how many more individual animals you need to make disappear before you can move on to the next level. In the first level you have to make 6 of each animal disappear (a match of three, counts as three…a match of four, counts as four). From there is goes up by three each level…level two you have to make nine of each animal disappear, level 3 twelve of each animal, level 4 fifteen of each animal and so on. When you win…you will get a image saying what level you are moving to and then it will load a new game. If you run out of time…you will get a image saying Game Over, if there are no more moves…you will get a image saying No More Moves Available – Refreshing. I love this game…I’m sooo glad it is finally on the iPhone…I used to have to play the web app version of Bejeweled and that is just not as cool!! iZoo is available in the Installer.app through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below are the screenshots:

iZoo 1.0-2 iZoo 1.0-2 iZoo 1.0-2 iZoo 1.0-2 iZoo 1.0-2 iZoo 1.0-2 iZoo 1.0-2

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  1. Zoo Keeper for the DS on iPhone! I hope that they will continue improving this app!

  2. Gabriel Tadeu says

    I cant find iZoo in Installer.app :(

  3. Did you add the iPod Touch Fans source url? It is – http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml.

  4. touchrepo.com is crazy slow, wish there was a mirror.

  5. i’ve been trying to add this source for the past 10 minutes and nothing’s coming up for http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml (keeps showing as uncategorized with no name for it)

  6. Hello, is it possible to install this on the ipod touch as well? and how?
    Thanks for your answers.

  7. @Chris…is your iPhone jailbroke? If so, you can add the iPod Touch Fans source – http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml – in your Installer.app. Click HERE and read the first paragraph if you need instructions on how to do that. Once you have added that source, they game will show up in your Installer.app.

  8. I play the latest version. Could never notice that time increases. You say “If you get a “match” of three or more…it will give you more time…”
    I have a hard time reaching 250.000 / level 13. and see in the high score list that there are people that go over 5 million. How is that possible?

  9. Kevin Brown says


    Are you going to release for 2.0? I would pay 1.99 for this game…..

    I use it on airplanes all the time. In fact I suspect if the plane crashes I will play it all the way into the ground!


  10. Hi, this game is the best thing for times you need to wait for something. I’m also interested in a version for firmware 2.0 also willing to pay. Thanks

  11. is it coming for 2.0 anytime soon? would of course love to see it as freeware.

  12. hi can any1 tell me how to jailbreak my ipod touch? my ipod touch version is 2.1.1

  13. I’ve added iPod Touch Fans source (www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml) to Installer.app, but I’m not seeing iZoo. Can anyone provide another source address for this great looking app? I’d even be happy to pay for it.

  14. will i be able to play it on firmware 3.0? i’m using cydia instead of installer

  15. hello guys i think it is the best game ever we played.. 7/24 we keep playing at the moment our best score is 2998872 we wanna knows if some 1 make it higher score ? :))))))))))))))

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