iZoo Update 1.1

iZoo Ok…so, after finishing my previous post about changing the iZoo skin…I went into the Installer to see if there was anything new and cool…I was surprised to see an update for iZoo but, I thought I better check it out. And, the update adds a few new features including…THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE THEME!! They are totally trying to steal my thunder! And I was soo excited about my iZoo modding post! :(

So, the update adds two very cool new features; the ability to change the theme and the ability to Pause the game. To change the theme…just tap the Themes button in the upper right corner…you are then given four options of themes; Garfield Bejewled Mod, SunSeeker Theme, Zoo Keeper Original and Zoo Keeper Updated by t4t5. To select the theme you would like…just tap on it and then tap Use Selected Theme at the top of the page. If you would like to Pause your game, just tap Pause…then to restart the game, tap Pause again. The only issue I am noticing with the update is that you cannot start a New Game when you are in the middle of a game already. iZoo is available in the Installer.app through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is a full list of the changes via the Developer and the screenshots:

iZoo 1.1
1. Removed the hint feature, as this is going to be a collectible icon depending on combos in 1.2 (along with some other combo rewards such as bombs etc)
2. Added the ability to select a Theme, from any subdirectory of the Themes folder. This can be done dynamically during play too.
3. Increased the difficulty stepup from 5 levels to 3. The timer goes faster every 3 levels now, and it used to be 5, as I found the games were dragging on the earlier levels.
4. Added a new feature that, every third level, the pieces/animals will alternately emerge from the bottom and top. This should make combos harder.
5. Added a local High Score feature saved to your ipod (along with your selected theme, so you don’t have to reselect the theme each time you play)
6. Added a pause feature, which removes the pieces from view when paused.
7. Tried to fix the occasional bug where a piece gets swapped for a space that is filling up. Unfortunately it still happens sometimes, so I will have another go in the next version.

iZoo Update 1.1 iZoo Update 1.1 iZoo Update 1.1 iZoo Update 1.1 iZoo Update 1.1 iZoo Update 1.1

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  1. Hehe, that’s my theme, there! ^^

  2. Yes it is! BTW…I like it!

  3. mirror would be nice, that repo is extremely slow for me for some reason

  4. how about the ability to save high scores?

  5. I added the Touch Fans source and refreshd sources but didnt see the izoo app. Whats the deal?

  6. @ortizlgnd…do you have the iPodTouchFans.com source in your sources list…like does the source even show up? Or, does the source show up and then the game isn’t in the Installer.app?

  7. yea it def needs a mirror cuz the download is really slow from touchfans everyone must be getting ther game on