iZoo Update 1.1-2

iZoo I do not see any major changes with the update to 1.1-2. I did notice that you can no longer tap to the left of the score to get a hint!! However, I did hear through the grape vine that we will see this feature again in a future version! The app seems to play a little quicker and smoother but, that could just be my imagination!! iZoo is available in Installer.app through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the screenshot!

iZoo Update 1.1-2

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  1. update is dogslow…… my ipod touch is right next to my router….

  2. @Rap M….yeah, I have heard a lot of people say that repo is slow!! It is usually fine for me.

  3. that update takes over 10 minutes for me…the one feature this app really needs is sound…other than that a new favorite in my game category!

  4. quero conocer mas sobre mi telefono