iZoo Update 1.1-3

iZoo There are no visual updates to iZoo 1.1-3, that I can see. Let me know in the comments if you notice anything. I believe they are trying to make it compatible with 1.1.3 and that is why the app was updated. iZoo is available in the Installer.app through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the Screenshot:

Note: This source can be very slow…it took me at least 20 minutes to download the update! Also, a HUGE thanks from the Developer to all the people who have donated towards this app!! Good job guys…way to support the developers!

iZoo Update 1.1-3

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  1. The only difference that i noticed is that now i can see the icon on the springboard after i’ve installed it on fw 1.1.3. It wasn’t working for me with the other versions of izoo.
    P.S. : Excuse my english, i’m french…

  2. Yeah…I’m pretty sure the update was just to fix the interface and making it work better with 1.1.3. I’m glad it works now! I LOVE this game!

  3. not sure if it was this update or the last but now it keeps track of your highest score with a popup at the end of the game…

  4. Also, since version 1.1-2, there will no more “No more moves” messages popping up.

  5. where is the repo ?
    since ipodtouchfans source is not active..
    i need this game

  6. Unfortunately the iPod Touch Fans repository has been suspended at the moment. I hope they get it back up soon. I really want that iZoo back and all the neat packages that they had!!! :(

    Link to the notice:

    Here’s a website that shows a directory of repositories and their statuses:

  7. can any one upload file app PLS coz can’t conx to the sever for two day many thx