Sketches 0.5

Sketches There are quite a few new features with the update to Sketches 0.5. The update to 0.5 makes Sketches compatible with version 1.1.3…making it available on any iPhone version 1.1.1 through 1.1.3. In the lower toolbar option where you previously could choose between the six possible colors, you now can pick a color and change the size of the brush. To change the brush size…just slide the little circle,located below the color options, to the left for a smaller brush and to the right for a larger brush (there seems to be a much larger range of size options now!). In the lower toolbar option where you previously could choose the size of the brush, you will now find six new features; Line, Box, Oval, Arrow line, Filled Box and Filled Oval. These options are based on multi-touch so, once you have selected one…you use two fingers on the screen to manipulate the image. Once you have the image how you would like it…just let go and it will blink twice letting you know that it has been placed in that spot. These images also respond to the color and size of brush you select. However, you are not able to rotate the image…lets say you chose the box but, you want to make it a diamond shape…you cannot rotate the image to do so. You can rotate the Arrow line to make it go in any direction but, not any other shape. Also, when you create a new image it will go over the top of everything else…so, if you choose a Filled Box, you will not be able to see any of your drawing under neither where you place the box. It would be sweet if once you have drawn an image you could select it and move it around or move images in front or behind other images…kind of like the app PhotoBoard only with images and not photos! Overall…this is still one of the best quality 3rd party apps! There are a were a few more fixes and improves with the release of version 0.5…below is a full list of changes and the screenshots. Sketches is available in the through the AppTapp Official source.

Change Log 0.5:
    *Firmware and device compatibility
    *Multitouch shape drawing
    *Bug fix: photo album export – Fixes bug in which only one sketch was saved and was overwritten each time. Now accumulates all sketches created so they can all be synchronized to computer.
    *Sending via Mail improved – Now displays process indicator when sending. iPhone will vibrate and display a pop-up when sending has completed.
    *Other visual and reliability improvements – Improved toolbar functionality and Camera Roll saving

Sketches 0.5 Sketches 0.5 Sketches 0.5 Sketches 0.5 Sketches 0.5

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  1. Dilup Talaiver says


    I updated to Sketches 0.5 but now the application does not start. i am running on 1.0.2 software. cannot update to the newer version yet as there is no apple support here in the region i am in. The iphone i recieved as agift.

    pls help