iSolitaire 0.81

iSolitaire Ok, I think you are safe to install iSolitaire now! The quick update to version 0.81 fixes the bug that did not allow a new deal. After updating to 0.81 I was able to select a New Deal with no issues. The Options menu still only has the default theme but, other then that it seems to be working normally on both 1.1.1 and 1.1.3. If you are on 1.1.3…install away…if you are on any other version (1.1.2 and below) I would say there is no need to update, version 0.81 does not add any new features and actually takes away the ability to change the theme. iSolitaire is available through the Chris Miles Repository. Below are the screenshots.

Note: If you have already updated to iSolitaire 0.81 and you would you can get version iSolitaire 0.71 through the Ste Packaging source.

iSolitaire 0.81 iSolitaire 0.81 iSolitaire 0.81

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  1. For v0.81 I’ve moved the themes location to the user’s Library area (for 1.1.3 its /var/mobile/Library/iSolitaire/themes. For 1.1.2 and lower it’s probably /var/root/Library/iSolitaire/themes). So if you’ve updated and are on 1.1.2 you can try putting your themes in this new location to see if it works for you. Unfortunately I don’t have a 1.1.2 or lower iPhone anymore so cannot test at this version level. This change will alleviate issues when upgrading iSolitaire.

    This new version also should fix a few card moving issues that were reported to me.


    • @Chris

      Preferences are no longer store on 1.1.4 with iSolitaire, where do you persist that stuff ?

  2. Thank you Chris!! I will have to give it a shot and let you know if it works!! And thanks for the additional update info!!

  3. Just uninstall and then reinstall the themes from the installer and it will work fine

  4. Hey, ya’ll should make an iPhone version of your site. It would make a heck of a lot of sense if you ask me!

  5. As a 1.1.2 user, I can confirm than Sander’s suggestion does not work.

    Users do indeed have to move the theme files to /var/root/Library/iSolitaire/themes
    Things work perfectly from there.

  6. how do you download this game to your iphone. i need games on my iphone but i dont want to mess it up. so ya can someone help me with putting games on my iphone. i dont know how to do it.

  7. I’ve been trying to download iSolitare from quite a bit for my 1.1.3 16GB Touch but every time I try there is the same Error script command 1: InstallApp

    My Touch got this app once, but since a rescent restore I just can’t get it to install, and since then I restored th iPod lice 3 times so that doesnt work either

    So anyone experiencing the same problem as me?
    Any solutions?

    Have to say that trying to install Caissa Chess, Chess and Labyrinth pop up the same Error. This apps where once installed on my iPod before.

  8. Hi !
    Is there a version of this fantastic game for iPod in 2.0.2 firmware (using installer or cydia).
    What is the source ?

    Thanks in advance