MobileToDoList2 0.6-rc1

ToDoList2 MoibleToDoList2 is MobileToDoList with a new look and improved interface. When you open the app you will see a lower menu.The options in the lowers menu bar include ToDoList…which is your main to-do list view, Overview and Share!…both of which are features that are coming soon, Settings and About. Settings gives you a ton of options including the ability to turn on/off the Priority, Multilevels, Alarms, and Extended Info. If you turn on Show Priority…it will display the priority level next to each task, if you turn on the multilevel it will then display multilevels for each task, turning on the alarms…obviously turns on the ability to set an alarm and turning on the extended info will give you a little preview of what you have written in the notes for a task. There are a few more options in the Setting that allow you to set how long after a tasks is completed that you want it hidden…the available options are Immediately, After 1 Day, After 3 Days, After 5 Days and Never. The other option includes changing the order of the tasks and the available options include…Manual Order, Order by Due Date, Order by Priority and Order Alphabetically. You can also install and uninstall the alarm settings. Once you have chosen all your Settings, just tap the Save button in the upper right corner…to reset the settings select the red Reset ToDo Database at the bottom of the settings page.

Back on the main Task screen…you can add a new task by tapping the plus button in the upper right corner. The first thing you will have to do is enter the Title of the new task, once that is entered, you can tap Back in the upper left corner to set up the task. Here you are able to select a due date, select the alarm to remind you either never, once or three times, add a note to the task, set the priority as none, low, medium or high, set the task type as ToDo or Note and Delete the task. Once you are finished entering all the information for that task just tap the back button in the upper left corner…you will now see your new task in the task list. There is an Edit button in the upper right corner…this allows you to rearrange your tasks if you chose the manual order in the settings. If a task is overdue it will display red, to check off a task just tap the box to the left of the task, if you saved a todo as a note instead of a task…you will not have a box to check it off instead it will show a little clipboard to the left of the task, if you chose to display the Extended Info in the settings…you will see a little preview of the notes for that task just below the tasks title and the tasks priority level is displayed to the left of the task. There is also an option when you tap on the arrow to the right of the task that has something to do with multilevels but, I can’t figure it out…let me know in the comments if you know what it is! Also, when you close the app and go back to the SpringBoard it put a little badge on the ToDoList icon displaying how many task are overdue.

I personally have always liked this app and I like it even more now with it’s new interface!! Note: your tasks from ToDoList version 0.4 will not transfer to the new ToDoList2. So, if you have some tasks still in the ToDoList app…you will have to either leave them both installed or copy those tasks to ToDoList2. You can have both ToDoList version 0.4 and ToDoList2 installed at the same time with no problem. Also, ToDoList2 is compatible with 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. MobileToDoList2 is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are a ton of screenshots! :)

ToDoList2 ToDoList2ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2 ToDoList2

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  1. My favorite app got amazingly better.

  2. I know!!

  3. the settings on mine are in another language, just the on/off part.

    other than that i have to play with it for awhile.

    loved the old app, so i will learn to love this one also.


  4. does an alarm go off when for you when you set the time? Mine doesn’t make any sounds or anything…

  5. Where’d you get the english on/off switches on the settings page? Mine are in some euro moon language.

  6. Brooke, I had to restore my Ipod. Installer app wasn’t working “command line instalapp” , I tried many solutions but nothing worked. I would have tried more things, but I remember how 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 worked flawlessly. Like when you install something you don’t have to change permissions haha. I too am waiting for a universal jailbreak, becuase the point you guys made about being to many different ones is, well a very good point.

  7. ok, I figured out that due date does not set an alarm… So what does alarm do?

  8. I miss the ability to make categories of to-dos for example: Shopping list, errands, etc.

  9. Hi,
    I need your help. I have installed ToDoList2 and ExportNotes on my Iphone with version 1.1.2. Any time I press the correspondant icon the App will open and close immediately. I have tried to open it several times but did not work. I have the bsd subsystem already installed as it is required by both Apps.

    How can I make them work.

  10. how do set the language to English? mine is in english/germer :-(

  11. Hi guys…I have emailed the developer about the following three issues…because I seriously cannot figure them out!:

    1. What mulitlevels do
    2. How to get the alarm to work
    3. Why things are in half English half German for some people

    I will let you know when I get an email back!

    @Steve…I miss the categories too!

    • Hello all! I love this app and was so disappointed when I upgraded to 1.1.4 and could not get it downloaded from Installer once I was jailbroken. I have now installed it using ssh and all is well. It works flawlessly on 1.1.4! The reason I wanted to reply to this post is to explain the multilevels if you hadn’t already gotten used to it by now. The multilevels are great because they give you so much more flexibility. I use them for many different things… The first being basically for categories. I’ll make one for example, that says “HOME” then I touch the blue arrow and get to the mulilevel. From there, I just click the “+” is the top right and add all the things I need to do around the house. I do the same thing for “WORK”, “IT”, etc… The second great use I’ve found for multilevels is to expand upon a certain todo. For example, I need to get a few bids on projectors for work, so I make a todo called “Projector Bids” and then in it’s multilevel I add all the various places that I’m getting a bid from. Then, in each place that I get a bid I make another multilevel where I put the details of the bid… Pretty cool stuff, I don’t know how I did it before this app!
      Sorry for the SUPER-LONG post, but I just wanted to shed some light on this.


  12. I liked categories to. I think the multilevel is for like a task that take multiple steps.


    Build a house (that is the main thing, when you click on the arrow, you have thing under it)

    Get wood
    Get nails
    Get glue

    I guess subcategory.

  13. Definately need the ability to make categories. I use 0.4 to keep track of my work on several projects and the categories function is absolutely wonderful. Super helpful in helping me keep stuff straight. Thank you so much for your effort.

    This is the best app on my iPhone.

  14. @Nope…but, do you know how to add them? I can’t figure it out!

  15. Brooke – did you get any word yet on how to get the alarm to work and how to get the app in english?

    As far as I know to add another level you just hit the blue arrow and then the plus sign to add what you want in the new window. From what I tried so far you can have several different levels within every level :-)

    • I am sure you may have found your answer by now, but if not, just delete the
      german.lproj folder in the apps folder for mobiletodolist2.

  16. The software crashes on launch in my 1.1.3 iPhone. I use Remember the Milk, which has a nice iPhone enabled web app. I know a web app is not the same as a native app installed on the phone, but it works.

  17. hey, the alarm doesnt work on my iphone too :(

  18. will this sync with the to-do lists on my mac?

  19. I would like to see an option to have re-occurrences. For example, I would like to set a todo reminder every 11th of the month to pay my credit card by the 15th. If I don’t finish the task, it will show up in red on the 12th.

    • Yeah…that would be sweet! I’m all about to-do lists! If you are desperate for a reminder (which you might be since it is for your credit card bill :) ) you could always set it as a re-occurring event in your Calendar with an alarm to remind you like two days before and then again the day before.

    • True that. However, if I have 3 credit cards with different dates, a car payment, mortgage/rent, it would be nice to have it all in one place. I know the argument is to set 1 or 2 dates to pay them all at the same time. As commonly spoken especially with money, easier said than done.

    • HAHA…yeah, that might get to be a little much to set up in the Calendar! And, defiantly easier said than done! I haven’t seen an app that does that yet…I will keep my eye open. Maybe we will see it in the next update to this app! In the mean time, you could do it the old fashion way…write it on a sticky note and put it on your fridg! Though, I’m pretty sure that would not work for me!

  20. Hi there.

    I wonder if i could sync my todos / tasks with ical what I think will be very helpful.
    Is there a way ??


  21. Hi,

    I just installed Mobiletodolist2 and it seems to work perfectly. Now my question:

    How can I configure this to synchronize the todo list from my Mac iCal todo list? Is this possible? Otherwise it would not make much sense for me.

    Thanks very much.

    Kindest regards,


  22. Argentino says

    Hi, I have two problems that have been mentioned here but i cant find the solution

    1. Can’t get the alarm to work
    2. Things are in half English half German for some people

    Can anybody help me?


    • Accoding to someone previously in this thread getting rid of the German is as simple as …. deleting the german.lproj folder in the apps folder for mobiletodolist2.


  23. Argentino says

    Also, i have the v 1.1.4, can i use ToDoList 2 anyway?

  24. Argentino says

    Thanks Radar, but how can i do that?

    • Hi
      Sorry for the delay I’ve missed visiting this forum for a while.

      You’ll need to install something that lets you browse the iPhone.

      I use Cyberduck on the Mac but any SFTP client will do. In order to use these you’ll need SSH enabled and this means installing the BSD and OpenSSH via installer.

      Others I know have used the Terminal app directly on the iPhone rather than via a PC or Mac SFTP client.

      Either way navigate to the appropriate directory and remove the offending file.


  25. André says

    Great App!!!
    i use it for my daily-todos, my shopping-list and may vacation-list.
    The ability to sort manually is a big feature!

    Here are two little things i like to point, may be for next version:
    1. sort or filter for checked / unchecked
    2. if a task is multilevel (more tasks behind) then show it on the task (icon or something)

    once again: great stuff!


  26. hi,

    which source i have to add in my iphone 3g cydia installer to get this app ?


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