Backgammon 2.3-1

Backgammon Version 2.3 of Backgammon now allows you to play all three levels of the game free…before you had to donate in order to play all the levels! So, that is pretty cool! Also, in the settings menu you will notice there is now an option to turn on/off a Double Cube. Once you are in the play screen…if you tap the Menu button in the upper right corner you will also get four options; Double, Resign game, Resign match and Dismiss. For some reason those options do not work for me…I can only choose Dismiss. Backgammon is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are the screenshots.

Backgammon 2.3-1 Backgammon 2.3-1 Backgammon 2.3-1

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  1. What is a double cube?

  2. Installed the update earlier today – the Doubling cube worked for me (iPhone challenged me first, but then chickened out when I wanted to double again a few moves later!).

    However I had previously donated – perhaps that’s why it works?

    Firmware 1.1.2

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