Pool 1.2

Pool Version 1.2 of Pool is now available through the Ste Packaging source instead of the iPod Touch Fans source. So, this update will actually show up in the Recent Packages section of the Installer and not the Updates section. There is one new feature in the Settings and that is the ability to change the ball size…you can pick between size 16 or 18. Also, the carpet background that was added in version 1.1 has been removed…the background is now just black again. You still have to get to the settings by hitting the HomeButton and then reopening the app! Maybe we will see a Menu button in the next update!

Pool 1.2 Pool 1.2 Pool 1.2 Pool 1.2

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  1. Luistohe123 says

    I installed pool 1.2 and uninstalled the past version,….now i cant find pool :S

  2. Luistohe123 says

    oh…sorry…its was default hidden with customize….fixed :D

  3. Still crashes back to summerboard in secound or two after start :( on my devteam update 1.1.3. .

  4. me too, don’t know why, is it abouot the permission ? i downlaod it from repo …
    any help ?

  5. I like the idea of Pool on the iPhone, however I think a couple of changes should be implemented for a future update. Playing against the computer like in chess and backgammon, being able to play another person online. Also the option of english on the ball, as well as possibly the option of playing 8 ball or 9 ball or also even cutt-throat. Nonetheless, a cool game. Get bored very fast though without these options.

  6. how to can i get the activation key for this game?

  7. I want it too…!!!