Pool 2.1

Pool The update to Pool 2.1 moves it to the RiP Dev source. In doing so, there have been a few changes. When you open the application, you will get a screen where you will get the options; Purchase, Activate or Trial. The Trial version only lasts three days…if you would like to play it longer than three days, you can purchase the application for $4.85. There is one new option in the Settings and that is the ability to turn on/off sound. The Settings are also set-up a little differently…which I personally do not like. I thought the previous versions was much cleaner. [Read more…]

Pool 2.0

Pool There are a ton of new features in version 2.0 of Pool! Instead of playing single player against yourself, as in the previous version, you can now play Two-Player and Vs. Computer! These are both long awaited features that I am totally stoked to see them finally implemented!! Another sweet new feature is that the games are saved when you exit the app!! The next time you open the app, just select Load Last Game. There are also some new options in the Settings; [Read more…]

Pool 1.2

Pool Version 1.2 of Pool is now available through the Ste Packaging source instead of the iPod Touch Fans source. So, this update will actually show up in the Recent Packages section of the Installer and not the Updates section. There is one new feature in the Settings and that is the ability to change the ball size…you can pick between size 16 or 18. Also, the carpet background that was added in version 1.1 has been removed… [Read more…]

Pool 1.1

Pool Yay, Pool is on it’s way to perfection! Today the app has been updated with new graphics. The balls still look like they are gliding rather than rolling but it does look much better now. Try turning off the numbers to make it look even better. There is also a new background (carpet?). You can keep up on the developer on his blog at Adikus.com. He’s also the developer of Backgammon. Below are the screenshots.
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Pool 1.0 Video Demo


PoolPool is available from the iPod Touch Fans repository listed in Installer.app under Games (once you add the source). If you, like me, played games on previous cell phones, you have probably seen, and played, various pool games. Pool by iPod Touch Fans is the closest thing yet. It is a single player, stripes vs. solids game, with easy to control shots and accurate bounces. Use your finger to align the cue (very easy to do), and swipe your finger across the power slider on the right (which I find to be very well implemented). It’s only short comings are multi-player and the graphics are a bit lacking (but not a game-stopper). I will be playing this game as much as I play iBlackjack, or as much as my wife played FiveDice, which is alot! Check out the screenshots after the break! [Read more…]