Pool 1.1

Pool Yay, Pool is on it’s way to perfection! Today the app has been updated with new graphics. The balls still look like they are gliding rather than rolling but it does look much better now. Try turning off the numbers to make it look even better. There is also a new background (carpet?). You can keep up on the developer on his blog at Adikus.com. He’s also the developer of Backgammon. Below are the screenshots.

Pool 1.1 Pool Pool 1.1

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  1. yeah i saw this as a theme on deviantart few days ago.

  2. is there any way to download this game on the iphone or is it just for ipod touch because I can’t find it in installer and I’m sure I have the correct source

  3. @Stanley…we have it running on an iPhones with version 1.1.1 and 1.1.3. So, it should work on your iPhone…and you are sure you have the iPod Touch Fans source url correct (www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml)? It is located in the Games Category in the Installer. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Hey thanx!!! I finally got it working…it turns out I didn’t put the source in right!!! oops!!!

  5. YAY…I’m glad you got it working!! No problem about the source…it happens!

  6. thanks Brooke, was looking for that :-)

  7. They have to change the icon of the app..!!!! lol

  8. The source should be http://touchrepo.com/repo.xml

  9. Hey guys,
    does anybody know why I get the “Error in script command 1: InstallApp” error?
    Everytime when I want to install this game I cant cause of this error

  10. how do you download this to your iphone. because ive been trying to figure this out and im so stuck. i just want to play the game on my iphone

  11. Crashes back to summerboard on my 1.1.3. phone (all versions of pool, older too) !

    My phone:
    1.1.1. OTB
    Upgrated to 1.1.3. (dev method)
    Updated baseband
    Unlocked vith 113anysim

    It vould be great if developer would fix this becouse it looks like fun app…


    • Hello Tomba,

      Can you provide me with the older version of Pool. The Pool 2.0 makes trouble (I think).


  12. ben vermeulen says

    I would really like to get the pool app, and I am searching every source. When I go to all programs I type in pool and only one comes up and it says package download failed. I pressed clear queue cuz thats supposed to fix the problem but it doesn’t work. Cud I plz have a few sources for the pool app that isn’t the demo version, I mean one of the sources has to work. thanks,