Pool 2.1

Pool The update to Pool 2.1 moves it to the RiP Dev source. In doing so, there have been a few changes. When you open the application, you will get a screen where you will get the options; Purchase, Activate or Trial. The Trial version only lasts three days…if you would like to play it longer than three days, you can purchase the application for $4.85. There is one new option in the Settings and that is the ability to turn on/off sound. The Settings are also set-up a little differently…which I personally do not like. I thought the previous versions was much cleaner.

The actual play of the game has not changed, though when you are in the application and select the back arrow you now have three options; Back to Main Menu, Setting (this is new) and Dismiss. Other than that, the developer says that he has Improved the AI algorithm, significantly improved the ball movement, fixed the bug that caused strange behavior of the ball near the pocket and fixed the “lost ball” issue. Pool is now available through the RiP Dev source.

Pool 2.1 Pool 2.1 Pool 2.1 Pool 2.1 Pool 2.1 Pool 2.1

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  1. moncerth says

    Last sentence says “Poll”?!?

  2. (+)Sound is a great add-on!
    (+)Also the AI is really improved… if you play some games you’ll definitely understand what I mean…

    (-)The price is high for this game…

  3. It’s $9.0, not $4.85.

    • yes I found it to be $9.00 as well, so thats to high in my opinion.
      Rep Dev is…. you could I say “HIGH” in respect to their pricing.

      Kate: $45.00 if you want to own it, and its features, that they can time as to the release verse customer base subscriptions
      i2Reader: $35.00 !~!~!~!~!
      Pool $9.00…

      Hey I am all for developers making a “FAIR” price for their labor, but this is a bit abusive if you ask me.
      In my opinion its kind a like Makayama’s Camera Pro $19.99 which you can now get a app called: Snapshot, equal in every way and is free…

      Anyway thats my rant.

  4. will the whole game be unuseable after 3 days?

  5. i wish i hadn’t upgraded it in installer now : (

  6. if anyones find a keygen or something to that pool game, post it here now would ya? ^_^

  7. if i don’t update the programm, can i use it until the end of times without paying for it?

  8. Aussiephone says

    A pretty steep price for an app that will become useless when firmware 2.0 comes out. This guy needs a reality check. DON’T PAY.

    • TheDiggin says

      i already paid 1 buck for it wen it was 2.0 so now i dont hav to pay the 9 bucks…

    • yeah I also paid less than a dollar…Do youthink if we update we would still be registered or do we have to pay again?

    • TheDiggin says

      i got an email from the developer with a new coad in it for 2.1 did u not get an email???

  9. i cant believe rip dev theres no way im paying for an allready good game

  10. TheDiggin says

    well he dose make it so u should throw up a few bucks.

  11. So disappointing. iBlackjack did the same thing. Let people update their free game, then make them pay or uninstall.

    I still can’t justify paying for an unsupported game..

  12. If you dont want to pay only have to unistall the 2.1 version and reinstal the 2.0. It has some restrictions but you can play unlimited

  13. Turner90 says

    these apps are starting to get so dumb we gotta pay for 2 many now!!

  14. Is there any way to downgrade it to 1.1 or whatever the last update was?

  15. 9.00 for pool is absolutely ridiculous.

    I donated 2.50 previously, and I think that was a fair donation. Had it been 9.00 at that time, I would never have upgraded to the full version.

    Remaining anonymous so that RIP Dev can’t look me up and revoke my license – I wouldn’t put it past them. RIP Dev seems like one of the more “money-grubbing” sources.

    That said, I have fears that the Iphone/Ipod Touch development community will turn into something closer to the closed source paradigms for other smartphones – developers charging outrageous fees or even monthly subscriptions for simple bits of software. I don’t believe in paying a super-premium just to load a ringtone on my phone, and I also don’t believe in paying a super-premium for playing a simple game ported from the PC on my phone – I’ll pay a fair and reasonable price.

    However, even in these inflationary times, 9.00 or 45.00 are NOT fair or reasonable in ANY way, shape or form – and so I’ll never purchase Kate or any other “money-grubbing” app, with the exception of Pool thanks to my previous donation – it is a good app, and it’s a shame that it’s now a RIP-off. Applications that exist solely to generate jacked-up user fees are definitely on my “to-avoid” list. As mentioned above, oftentimes there are even comparable options that are priced much more reasonably – or even free!

    This is not to say that free is something that can work for every app in every situation – but a REASONABLE fee can be charged. Don’t buy into RIP Dev’s philosophy that “whatever we make money from” is reasonable – Rest In Peace, RIPDev, RIPoffs!

  16. i don’t pay anything
    i get it for free of a vietnamese source :)

  17. yes, it’s the newest version 2.1 as well

  18. Not a hope I’m paying for this!

  19. wat vietnamese source

  20. Pay for an app that will just be duplicated then made free by someone else???? NOT A SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I aint paying for NOTHIN!

  22. se mi hov activate the ipool game bilardo to iphone