Pool 2.0

Pool There are a ton of new features in version 2.0 of Pool! Instead of playing single player against yourself, as in the previous version, you can now play Two-Player and Vs. Computer! These are both long awaited features that I am totally stoked to see them finally implemented!! Another sweet new feature is that the games are saved when you exit the app!! The next time you open the app, just select Load Last Game. There are also some new options in the Settings; you can choose to rotate the controls for the 2nd player, making it easier for two people to play at the same time, you can choose from three levels of difficulty and there are five options for match length (1, 3, 5, 10, 15). Once you select the number of players you will then get another menu. There are now two options for the type of game you would like to play; 8-ball and 9-ball. In this menu, it also displays how many games you have left for that day. Once inside the game…there are even more new features!

The best new feature (I think) is that you are now able to get back to the main menu by tapping the arrows in the upper left corner. You can even go to the main menu and then go back into the game right where you left off! The plus and minus buttons allow you to make fine adjustments to your cue direction. Once your cue direction is set…you can then tap the plus button to move your cue to the right and the minus button to move your cue to the left. If playing Two-Player, there is a green circle that displays which players turn it is. Which is nice!

Now, for the catch! The app is now a “demo” you have to donate to get the full version of the app which means there are a few restrictions on what you can use/do. If you have the free version of the app, you can only play seven games a day, you are not able to use the save feature and the match length is restricted to 1 (you can not do 3, 5, 10 or 15). Other than that…I really like this app. The new features are awesome, it is well built, reliable and just down right fun. Definitely one of those apps worthy of showing off to your friends. Pool is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0 Pool 2.0

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  1. Is there a minimum “donation”?? Or is it like Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”?? I’m willing to pitch in some $3 for it… I’ve been getting addicted to it anyway… ^^,

    • it’s like “in rainbows” but when you go to the donation page the field is filled in with $9 ( i guess that’s the suggested donation) but it seems a little steep

    • Yes but you can change the filled to anything. I donated 50 cents and got the activation code immediately after you pay. So you can pay little as 1 cent I think. BUt I love this app so you should donate as much as you think it is worth.


  3. Hey, this is what i am waiting for. On a moving train or subway, no game can beat this one!!! Great! many thanks to the developer!

  4. byronchurch says

    I think $9. is more then fair . So cool . If it had sound !

  5. $9 is high. But hey, if it was a $0.99 I still wouldn’t pay when there are many other great apps that are being shared.

  6. You don’t have to pay 9 dollars…you can change the field to anything you feel that the app is worth it. I paid 50 cents and got the email instantly after I paid with the activation code. YOU CAN PAY AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. I think it is well worth 5 dollars in my opinion but you can pay as much as you want

  7. any way to downgrade to the previous version where i can play as many games as i want for free??

  8. off topic, but has anyone tested the new aquoah keyboard???

  9. The addition of the + and – is the one thing I was missing in this game. I play this so much that I have no problems with the $9 donation, ( that’s barely a coffee and a muffin in NYC ), but it’s nice that they let you donate less if that is your choice.

  10. likwidfuzion says

    The $9 donation is optional. You can donate as low as $0.50.

  11. Man, Bugs !!!!

    Doesnt show proper scores in two player mode !

  12. ya know if you want to play more than 7 games in a day, just change the date on your iphone, and you can play seven more, then simply set it back, and you have seven more….and so on! Love the game!

  13. how do i get it on my Itouch

  14. change the date of ipod to jan 2008 and will work.