PoolPool is available from the iPod Touch Fans repository listed in Installer.app under Games (once you add the source). If you, like me, played games on previous cell phones, you have probably seen, and played, various pool games. Pool by iPod Touch Fans is the closest thing yet. It is a single player, stripes vs. solids game, with easy to control shots and accurate bounces. Use your finger to align the cue (very easy to do), and swipe your finger across the power slider on the right (which I find to be very well implemented). It’s only short comings are multi-player and the graphics are a bit lacking (but not a game-stopper). I will be playing this game as much as I play iBlackjack, or as much as my wife played FiveDice, which is alot! Check out the screenshots after the break!

Pool in Installer.app Pool in Installer.app Pool icon Pool splash screen Pool setting window Pool in action Pool in action Pool in action

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  1. great game, takes a second to get used to, but is fun to play

  2. I love it too, as I play pool and snooker in real life…..one of the best game ever!

  3. I really like this game too, it’s about time we got pool on the iPhone! Very nicely done. I think I’m gonna do a video about it!

  4. very addicting once you start playing :)

  5. Could it play properly in 1.1.3?

  6. what’s the source for that game (POOL)


  7. @Perry…Yep, Jacob (the author of the post) is running 1.1.3 on his iPhone.

    @Jonas&jul…it is in the iPod Touch Fans source.

  8. does it work with firmware and jailbreak 1.1.4?