Tris 0.4

TrisTris is another tetris game. The main question is if this is better then Tetris!. When you open the application you are given four choices: “resume”, “new game”, “high scores”, and “about”. Tapping “resume” resumes your game from the last time you stopped playing. Tapping “new game” starts a new game, tapping “high scores” apparently does nothing, and tapping “about” gives you the credits. The interface is amazing. It is clean, sharp, and simply beautiful. Just going from menu to menu, there is a fade affect. During the game the pieces move smoothly in all directions. There are little details like a glowing shine between the block’s cracks, which goes away once they fall to the bottom. The interface and the graphics were very well made. The game uses your fingers to control the blocks. Swiping left moves the block left, and swiping right makes it go to the right. Double-tapping the screen makes the block go automatically to the bottom. The downfall of the game comes when rotating the block. In order to rotate the block you are supposed to swipe up or down. If you do that the block will spin to much and land on something you do not want. The only way to get a good rotate is to slowly ease your finger upwards. This is a problem because you have to be fast when placing these blocks. Another problem is that you cannot lose. Once your blocks reach the top, nothing happens. No “game over”, nothing. Blocks just keep on coming. Tris would have knocked Tetris! out of the park, but the game mechanics need to be fixed and the major glitch needs to be fixed. It is still in it’s early stages, so the game still has hope. I hope the developer adds a working high score table, and a hold piece function. Apparently this game has no source. You can download it HERE and SSH it into the main /Applications folder on your Ipod/iPhone. Don’t forget to change the permissions to 0755.

UPDATE: This app is now available in the Installer through the iSpazio source.

Tris 0.4 Tris 0.4 Tris 0.4 Tris 0.4 Tris 0.4

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  1. likwidfuzion says

    So far, it’s a decent implementation of Tetris so far. Like Brooke said, the mechanics need to be fine-tuned.

    • This article is actually by Sahil…but, I need to install this and give it a shot…I like the colors…I think they are pretty! :)

    • Yeah it was written by me :). This game has a lot of potential, but they NEED to fix the control mechanics.

  2. steve anderson says

    i am running 1.1.4 application folder is not used no more were do i put app too now

  3. alex_dlc says

    can wee get this from installer? if so, what source?

  4. Dustin James says

    I like the controls personally, but I must say there are some glitches I find when quickly rotating at the last minute.. sometimes you replace blocks with that of the rotated piece.

    Great find though!

  5. how do you do a manual install using SSH?

  6. Andrew: With WinSCP copy the folder to your iphone’s Application folder, and restart summerboard.. thats’s all :)

  7. steve anderson says

    ok i have shh and i try to install it into application folder i get error saying file not known if i do manage to get into the applications folder its empty i am running 1.1.4

  8. steve anderson says

    with shh open i can right click on application folder on iphone even says size unknown until i click caluculate it u can see it checking all the contents of file but if open that folder its empty tried everything

  9. Mike Zappa says

    Im stuck with the changing permissions to 0755? Ive SSH’d, in the applications folder, now what?

  10. Tris for me opens up and just freezes. :-/

    After about 20 seconds it will close back out to the springboard.

    I’m running 1.1.3 .

  11. Is there a way to clear the high scores?

  12. moskva usa says

    Tris world #1 score 1,023,262