Chess 1.7

Chess I do not see any visual change with version 1.7 of Chess however, there were a ton of bug fixes (more then I can even begin to describe!). If you would like to see a complete list of all the fixes check out the full change log. Chess is available through both the Robota Software source.

Chess 1.7

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  1. Guilherme says

    hi Please help me, I have update to Chess 1.7 and now Installer tells me to update to chess 1.6!! If I update to 1.6 it tells me to update to 1.7 again, can i clear that update so it won’t show?

    Please help me



    • That is a very common problem in the Installer…it is caused when two sources have the same application in them. It is just something you have to ignore…I have a million on them in my Installer!!!

  2. blacksocks says

    Everytime I make a move it pops a message alert with an “OK” button. Tapping the button doesn’t make the chess program make its move. You have to move the other side yourself too!

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