Doug’s iPhone is Back

For those of you wanting to know about my iPhone, I’ve created a page called Doug’s iPhone in the Links section of the site. It shows a current list of apps including screenshots of my springboard. Also, all apps are clickable so you can find out more about them. Hopefully this is a better way to publish this info for those who want it. I will continue to keep it updated as my iPhone changes.

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  1. Doug is your phone just jailbroken? or unlocked also? Just curious.

  2. This iPhone is only Jailbroken. My last iPhone was unlocked so I could use it in Brazil. The last iPhone broke and when I got a replacement I just didn’t need to Unlock it this time. I used ZiPhone to unlock and it worked perfect.

  3. I am running 1.1.3 and want to jailbreak my phone.. I am willing to upgrade to 1.1.4, if needed.. but I was just wondering if there is a good walk through to use while jail breaking my iPhone? or do I just download ZiPhone and let it do its thing on its own?

  4. turtletomm says

    doug i was wondering two things first how did you get five apps in your dock and second i see you have (to do list) on your sleep screen what app is that i am running 1.1.3 jailbroken for ziphone and i do have customize if that helps. thanks

  5. How do I install all sources?

  6. I have recently upgraded and restored my 1.1.1 iPhone to 1.1.4 and used ZiPhone 2.5c to activate, jailbreak & unlock it. I have then installed Summerboard 3.2, iZoo, Lockbox, Convertor and Flashlight. The problem is that Flashlight (and Light for that matter) doesn’t work, it starts up but then closes down immediately.

    Secondly I installed a couple of Summerboard themes but they’re aren’t displayed correctly. I have tried installing the 1.1.3/4 Theme Fix 1.2 by Skylar but get an Error (Main script execution failed!)

    Have you had heard of any having these problems.

  7. Hey Doug.. Just got to start by saying very cool website.. So now to the question. Can you tell me what app is running on the first picture of your iPhone screen shots. The picture has the ‘slide to unlock’ that looks like an iPhone on it’s side..??

  8. On your 5th picture… there are a bunch of icons that have peoples names. What app is that and what does it actually do?

  9. I think I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade my iPhone to 1.1.4 and jailbreak with Ziphone. I’m presently on 1.1.1 and have a ton of apps installed, including categories etc. So, my question is, should I uninstall these apps installed through installer first, then restore? If I just do a restore through itunes…will that clean things up anyway. I don’t want to be using memory and then not be able to remove or use a program I’ve added before.
    I’m taking my time because I want to do this right! There are so many different methods and results—and I don’t want to be one of those folks with problems. I’m just jailbreaking….not unlock. I use my iPhone with AT&T.

  10. Doug i downloaded Cydia:Manual Refresh and it doesn’t seem like it installed everytime i open it up under uninstall it says in the top right to reinstall. i keep clicking on that but it doesn’t do anything.
    i want to take it off my phone do you know how i do that.