TouchRoll 1.0

I have recently installed TouchRoll 1.0 from the iPhoneCake source and the iSpazo source. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APPLICATION!! I installed it first from the iPhoneCake source, and it made all my icons disappear. Then I did a restore and installed TouchRoll from the iSpazo source, same thing. I was interested, so I checked the folders inside my Ipod and found that TouchRoll was not placed in my application folder. At this point I strongly advise people not to install this application until we figure out what is happening. Also, for the record I was on firmware 1.1.1 both times I tried to install this.

UPDATE – We’ve talked to iSpazio and he has tested on 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 only and has had no problems. If you are having this problem just go here : /System/Library/CoreServices/
remove the N45AP.plist file
rename the “N45AP.plist.old” file to “N45AP.plist”
restart iPhone

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  1. hi sahil, i made this application, and i don’t know why iphone cake have insert it without asking… by the way, i’ve tested it on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 and it works , all my users say that the application work . probably it’s not compatible with 1.1.1 , i have nobody with this firmware, so i haven’t tested, but i through it was good. sorry, my faul , but there is a simple way to fix the problem that you had… simply by SSH go to : /System/Library/CoreServices/ remove the N45AP.plist file and rename the “N45AP.plist.old” file in “N45AP.plist” in this way you will have back your original file, and everything will work again.

    if you can send to me the original N45AP.plist i will fix the bug for 1.1.1 and probably 1.1.2 too

    thank you, and sorry

    • Spazio – your install source should probably prohibit install on preflight





      This is only required on 1.1.3 or newer where user is mobile.

    • Wow the formatting of the preflight totally botched my reply. I’ll emai you the preflight script.

      I said that the N45AP.plist file is used for display order on 1.1.2 and older devices but not on 1.1.3 or newer devices. The file is really a lot different. So your fix is only good on 1.1.3/4 and should only be installed on such. Further, if your fix did work on 1.1.2, it would wipe out the display order set by customize requiring the user to rehide his icons and reorganize everything.

  2. What does it DO?

  3. Hmm, well if my ssh was disabled when I installed this, what do I do!!

    is there any way to ssh into my touch, or enable the permissions with my comp?


  4. No SSH, use iBrickr or iphonebrowser. That should solve the problem.

  5. What’s a Camera Roll? I mean, what would this be good for, in what way is it different from regular photo folder?
    Would be nice if it could be used with the inbuilt-and-now-enabled screenshot app, but on a Touch where’s the needed button..?
    Installed & showing up without any problems on 1.1.4 btw..


    BUT, you need “Dock” installed on your iPod.

    Open the installer through “Dock” and uninstall “TouchRoll”.

    You don’t have to restore. Hopefully you have “Dock” installed on your iPod!

  7. And you can always ssh, like Doug said, but this is much easier if you have dock installed.

  8. ok boss i will block the script only for 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 , if there is someone with ipod 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 please can you send me the N45AP.plist file? in this way i can fix it for 1.1.2- too! thanks

    bigboss, talk with you later

  9. ispazio, because it is the same exact capability that all iPods need to enable the Camera Roll,and it seems like the N45AP,plist file has changed somehow, I’d recommend doing this:

    Instead of checking firmware versions, check to see if Erica’s Utility package that includes plutil is installed. If it is, then just run an Exec command in your script that uses plutil to add Camera to the capabilities list.

    Good luck,

    • You could also copy plutil onto a specific location, run the command, and delete it off when you’re done inside installer. In fact, since this should only be run on iPod’s not phones, you may also want to do further processing in a bash script. You can use uname -m and grep for “iPod”. If found you have an iPod not an iPhone. You could then use plutil and do the appropriate thing. I’m happy to help you if you want. You know where to find me.

  10. ok, thanks skylar ( i appreciate your help) and thanks boss. with the version 2.0, touchroll works on all the ipods firmware. next step is to “lock” the installation only for ipod, for this i will see you later BigBoss. thanks all

  11. I’v got firmware 1.1.4 and tough roll doesn’t work.
    Any help?