TouchRoll 2.0

TouchRoll is an iPod Touch specific application. Version 2.0 of this app has fixed the issue from the previous version and makes it compatible with all firmwares 1.1.1 and greater. TouchRoll adds a Camera Roll to your iPod Touch…iPhones already have a Camera Roll because they are able to take pictures. Having a Camera Roll on your iPod Touch is great because it allows you to use many applications that you could not use before like Capture. Now you can save the pictures you made in Sketches and use them as your wallpaper :). At this moment the only way to get pictures off of your iPod is to SSH into it. Overall, [Read more…]

TouchRoll 1.0

I have recently installed TouchRoll 1.0 from the iPhoneCake source and the iSpazo source. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APPLICATION!! I installed it first from the iPhoneCake source, and it made all my icons disappear. Then I did a restore and installed TouchRoll from the iSpazo source, same thing. I was interested, so I checked the folders inside my Ipod and found that TouchRoll was not placed in my application folder. At this point I strongly advise people not to install this application until we figure out what is happening. Also, for the record I was on firmware 1.1.1 both times I tried to install this.

UPDATE – We’ve talked to iSpazio and he has tested on 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 only and has had no problems. If you are having this problem just go here : /System/Library/CoreServices/
remove the N45AP.plist file
rename the “N45AP.plist.old” file to “N45AP.plist”
restart iPhone