iMemory 0.4.1

iMemoryThe update to version 0.4.1 of iMemory does exactly what I was expecting it to do…fixes it so that your time is added to the Hall of Fame option. In the previous version, after you had completed a game, you were prompted to give your name but then it didn’t do anything with it. The Hall of Fame just stayed the same…Jon Doe (Ha! I still think that is funny..Jon Doe!). However, now when you finish a game and enter your name, it will be added to the Hall of Fame list. Once you have five scores in the Hall of Fame, it will then only add your score if your time is lower than one of the five already entered. I’m still waiting for the update the changes the image on the back of the cards! Maybe we will see some options for skins with the next update. iMemory is available through the iSpazio source.

iMemory 0.4.1 iMemory 0.4.1 iMemory 0.4.1

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  1. I have looked all over installer for this app and can’t find it. I have the ispazio repo and its just not in there. Could you tell me where exactly are you getting this from?

  2. Conny(Germany) says

    look at Games on Installer! Or you must look for Recent Packages!The Source is the Official Repository Source to
    Sorry for my bad Englisch!

  3. I like this game except for one thing – turn off the sound! It only makes a little “click” noise when you choose a tile, but that click is un-mutable. You can’t turn it off with the vibrate switch on the side of the iPhone, you can’t turn it off in the menus, and there really is no reason for the noise. And the worst part: it mutes any music that you are listening to through the iPod function!

  4. Conny(Germany) says

    by iMemory┬┤s Update from yesterday,here I always get an error message
    Main script execution failed!
    Thanks Conny

  5. Why do you think that Jon Doe is funny? xD

    The police calls dead persons which they don’t have identified yet Jone (Jane for women) Doe.

    That’s why there the highscore maintainer is called Jon Doe.

  6. for people that can’t seem to find this app ANYWHERE:

    1. Add the iSpazio source to your Installer (actually, it should already be there).

    2. In “All Packages” under Install, look for iSpazio Laboratory Repo (or repository). Install that.

    3. Now look for iMemory under “All Packages” under Install. There you go, have fun!