iMemory 0.4.1

iMemoryThe update to version 0.4.1 of iMemory does exactly what I was expecting it to do…fixes it so that your time is added to the Hall of Fame option. In the previous version, after you had completed a game, you were prompted to give your name but then it didn’t do anything with it. The Hall of Fame just stayed the same…Jon Doe (Ha! I still think that is funny..Jon Doe!). However, now when you finish a game and enter your name, it will be added to the Hall of Fame list. Once you have five scores in the Hall of Fame, [Read more…]

iMemory 0.4

iMemory I have been waiting for an app like this!! I don’t know how many times I have told Doug that there needs to be a memory app! Well…we finally got one. The app opens to a main menu with the options; Start game, Hall of Fame, Settings and About. In the Settings you will get three options for the field size (size of the game) they include; 5×6, 5×5 and 4×5. Hall of Fame shows you the top scores for the different field sizes (though, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work…at least mine has never changed from saying Jon Doe!). [Read more…]