MPG 1.0.3

MPG Version 1.0.3 of MPG, adds a few new features. Though, I must be honest, I hadn’t truely used this app to it’s full capacity until this week-end. We are traveling and decided to use MPG to keep track of our gas miliage. It works surprisingly well. Everytime we get gas, we just get a recipe, enter a few quick numbers into the app and voilĂ …it calculates our miles per gallon! We are currently getting 29.20 mpg! Not too bad! Though, we did pay 3.479 dollars per gallon, which is the highest we have ever paid! Anyway! On to the updates! MPG has added another language translation to it’s list of compatible languages; Dutch. The new feature that I really like is that it now auto saves after each entry you make…which is great. Also, with the last update of TimeCapsule (version 0.27b1), you can now easliy back-up your MPG database using TimeCapsule! Overall, I find this app to be very useful. MPG is available through Ste Packaging.

MPG 1.0.3

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  1. $3.47 per gallon. How would you like to pay $9.75 a gallon which is what it is over here in the UK – if you can get it. And that kind of price is coming to a pump near you, pretty soon.

  2. Yeah, in Germany we pay $8,55 a gallon.
    Go ahead and save as much fuel as you can :D

    But by the way: it’s sad that we cannot use this app here in germany, because we have metric units :(

    • You can use it in Germany…there are two options in the settings when you add a vehicle for Metric…the app even has a German translation!

    • we use meteric in Canada too. When you add a vehicle just press edit and select that vehicle, there you can switch it to metric.

  3. 3.47 is still pretty cheap to me. Here in the Chicago area I paid 3.74 a gallon yesterday.

  4. ya thats rly cheap. in la its already 4.00$

  5. In Miami we are in $3.88….and i used to hate when I have to pay $2.50……
    excellent app by the way

  6. wow ,,, u guys indeed paying a lot, in Malaysia we pay like 2.29 per gallon after conversion to US dollars.

  7. And I also found this software to be darn expensive @19.90

  8. Phil, Washington, DC says

    In DC we are paying $3.65 for regular, depending which part of the city your in its more. This is just crazy–man. I might by a motor scooter to get around on the weekends.

  9. $3.90 here in NY

  10. I see version 1.0.4 up


  11. I live in California and drive a Ford F250 4×4 diesel truck. I paid $5.00 a gallon and it cost me $250.00 to fill up, but that will last me 2 weeks…

  12. In Hong Kong, I pay US$8.23 (US1$ to HK$7.8) for 1 gallon gasoline (1gal to 3,785 Liter) in which 50% is tax! This should be the highest in Asia region!

  13. How much do i have to pay for this app, Is there no trial version, so i could try it first?