MPG 1.0.3

MPG Version 1.0.3 of MPG, adds a few new features. Though, I must be honest, I hadn’t truely used this app to it’s full capacity until this week-end. We are traveling and decided to use MPG to keep track of our gas miliage. It works surprisingly well. Everytime we get gas, we just get a recipe, enter a few quick numbers into the app and voilĂ …it calculates our miles per gallon! We are currently getting 29.20 mpg! Not too bad! Though, we did pay 3.479 dollars per gallon, which is the highest we have ever paid! Anyway! On to the updates! [Read more…]

MPG 1.0.1

MPG Version 1.0.1 of MPG brings with it a new icon! Which I must say I do like better! Another cool part of this version is that is adds two additional translations…making it now available in both Spanish and Portuguese (which is cool since Doug is in Brazil at the moment and surrounded by Portuguese speaking people!). There was also an important bug fix that changes it so [Read more…]

MPG 1.0

MPG MPG is an extensive app that allows you to keep track of a variety of expenses for your vehicles. Everything from fuel economy to services done to trip information….and it can keep track of all of this on more than one vehicle. The app opens to a blank menu screen where your Vehicles will be listed. To add a vehicle tap the plus button in the lower left corner. This will bring up a ton of info you can add about the vehicle including; the Title for that vehicle, the icon you want for the vehicle, the units of measurement you use (miles-gal), odometer, VIN number, License Plate number, Engine Size, Tire Size, Notes and Delete Vehicle. Once you have all the information entered… [Read more…]