Dactyl 0.01

Dactyl Ok, have your ever played that game at an arcade where you have to bop the gophers on the head with the malate thing. Well, Dactyl soooo reminds me of that game!! The object of the game it to tap the bombs when they turn red, to keep them from exploding. When the apps opens, you will see 12 bombs. To start playing, tap New Game. You then need to tap on each bomb when it turns red. More then one bomb will turn red at a time and they go pretty quick so, be ready! As soon as you miss a bomb, it will “explode” and will display the total number of bombs you defused before it exploded. This is definitely a simple app at the moment. I would love to see levels, the ability to save scores and add them to a high score list and even a cleaner interface. Though, I must say, totally addicted to this game from the first time I played it! If you have high blood pressure, you might want to stay away from this one!! :) Dactyl is available through the ModMyiFone.com source.

Note: So far my highest is 38 defused bombs!

Dactyl 0.01 Dactyl 0.01 Dactyl 0.01 Dactyl 0.01 Dactyl 0.01

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  1. looks like fun

  2. quite an addictive game…..simple yet lots of fun

  3. It’s very addictive, but not that hard.

    My Highscore is 63 after playing 5 minutes :D

  4. sebastian says

    2011 record ^^

  5. I found a HUGE glitch. I was playing and got up to 100 and then the red bombs stopped showing up and I could touch any black bomb and it would count as diffused so I got up to 1434 then it started again. WEIRD

  6. Same as me. It can’t be over 100 points

  7. i got 74… addictive!

  8. This game isn’t so hard… 278 on my second try, 497 on my fifth :-)

  9. yeah the best game ever my highscore is 370


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