Mole – Dactyl Skin 1.1

Dactyl Mole Skin Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Mole – Dactyl Skin is a skin for the Dactyl game. So, instead of bombs, you have to tap on gophers! It even changes the icon to be a little gopher icon (ok, I technically think it is supposed to be a mole but gophers are cuter!). The skin is actually very nice, I love the little farm house in the background! Though, it still says, “Bombs defused.” It should say something like Moles Bopped. Other than the new skin, the game itself functions the same. Also, this will change the app automatically. To put the game back to stock, just uninstall the mole skin. This skin is available through the iSpazio source.

Mole - Dactyl Skin 1.1 Mole - Dactyl Skin 1.1 Mole - Dactyl Skin 1.1 Mole - Dactyl Skin 1.1 Mole - Dactyl Skin 1.1

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  1. The developer said that his next project is a mole skin for moleskine.

  2. I would have much more preferred “dramatic gopher/groundhog” of YouTube fame, but this one is cool too.

  3. once i installed this theme, when i click on dactyl it automatically freezes. when i try to uninstall it, it tells me main script error. Any ideas??

  4. thank you for this review I spent some hours on it :)

    ABCD do you have uninstalled the game before the skin?

    P.a. Brooke I cannot change “bombs defused” only the dev can

  5. i made a much more accurate dactyl skin, using ispazios skin
    it says moles instead of bombs and it read WACaML instead of Dactyl

    this is for dactyl 2.0 and is available at


    • And yet still not a mole…should be called WACaGPHR
      (Moles have long snouts, don’t have eyes/ears, etc)

  6. This might be the greatest piece of writing online!!!


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