Tap Stereo 1.0.0

Change the frequency of the tone by sliding the ball around the screen. Very simple app with a few effects. It is available through the Installer under multimedia from iSpazio source.

Watch “Tap Stereo” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Excellent mate, just one problem, Where do i get it!!!!
    i wanna play!!!

  2. atrophic says

    Hey Brooke/Doug/Adam, I just noticed the message when you post a comment is a little…off. It’s something along the lines of “comment is being posted, please wait a comment.” I’m sure of the last 4 words, which is the weird bit.

  3. Nice app… dont think i will download it as i dont know what to do with it but its a cool app anyway..

    Thanks, fuser

  4. This can be a very annoying app in the wrong hands!!!
    It’s a shame we can’t record the sounds from this and make a ringtone… this would create ringtones that you could hear through any noise!!!
    I’m gonna have fun driving people nuts with this app :-D

    • Oh my goodness you are soooo right!! Doug was driving me crazy last night before he recorded the video!! :)

  5. Antonio Max says

    LOL! Its amazing, well done developer! Awesome app, love the colored dot thing!

  6. I think this app damaged my iPhone speaker ( it’s quieter and low frequency sounds doesn’t sound very good any more )


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