$249 & $349 iPhones from AT&T – SOLD OUT

ATT Wireless We said they were coming and here they are! We received an email from AT&T Wireless with the links to the refurbished iPhones. You can get the iPhone’s (8GB and 16GB) for around $150 lower than retail price. But, you will want to hurry supplies are limited!

UPDATE: These are now Sold Out!

$249 8GB iPhone
8GB iPhone Refurb

$349 16GB iPhone
16GB iPhone Refurb

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  1. crappy…

    *Requires 2-year plan, ordered during activation process.

  2. has anyone ever used sync over wifi?

    does it work?


  3. yea i wish there was a way to bypass the two yr contract

  4. You don’t need to agree to a two year contract when you order the phone, the two year contract only comes into play if you decide to legitimately activate the iPhone through iTunes. You can always jailbreak and activate your phone using any if the jailbreaking and unlocking utilities available.

  5. I hate … HATE AT&T! I tried to purchase one of the 16GB all night tonight, and I kept getting “your credit card is not authorized … ” Yet, I called my bank and they said they were authorizing the charge, and it was ATT that was doing something quirky. So, I called ATT, spent one and a half hours, yes, I mean that literally, to find out that their website tech department, the only ones who could help me, were closed for the night. I would have to call them in the morning tomorrow, they told me. In the mean time, they sell out. I am sooooo pissed! That is why I will never do business with AT&T … EVER!


    • Just wait another month for the new version, you will probably have buyers regrets if you don’t. Especially if that $250 /w 2yr contract rumor is true


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