IntelliScreen 0.8

IntelliScreen IntelliScreen has already updated to version 0.8. It has a new feature labeled “Show Time/Date”. It basically bumps down things so you can see the time and date at the top of your lock screen. I also noticed that the preview feature works. Here’s a couple screenshots:

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  1. I just tried vs 0.8 and it put my phone in a forever apple logo boot cycle. Have no idea what happened but just finished restoring. :-(

    • cool_guy says

      poor you… I don’t know how would i feel if i have to restore my iphone.. i have lots of other app installed now…

    • that sucks but I think kate ucalander looks better, maybe they can add weather under the calander and it should be fine. Its not really necessary to have news or email on the unlock screen

    • cool_guy says

      don’t install Kate! i had to restore because of this..

    • This is not Kate….Kate (Caterpillar) is a completely different application. Also, Jimmy, did you try going to the forum thread for this app? We mentioned it in our last post about this app. It tells what .plist you can SSH in and delete to fix the app without restoring.

    • I have IntelliScreen w/Weather, Kate w/uCalendar+facelift+all-else and vWallpaper. No problems. With uCal+Weather, lock screen shows time/date at top with weather next and current week in uCal right under: Looks good. And with kate’s SMB support+vWallpaper, I’ve got the springboard looking great as well. I don’t know if I’ll be willing to upgrade to iphone2.0.

      I like Kate’s small modules..better integration, less problems. With so many apps trying to inject themselves into all parts of the system, one needs to be careful. Unfortunately, there’s no pre-checks except try-hope-and-see if it works. It’s a gamble.

      I keep a detail list of how to jail-break and get my phone to where it is now..had to follow it serveral times already. I started doing this route way back with the HP iPaq. I sure hope iTunes’ restore is all inclusive with data when third-party apps come to the party…

  2. cool_guy says

    yeah.. i love the app!! but the thing is…. it will cover my beautiful wallpaper… hmmm… we can’t have both unfortunately… :(

  3. David Patrick says

    Works great on 1.14 no problems yet, I did do a timecapsule backup just in case:)

  4. Jimmy you shouldnt have done that that far, with Ziphone you can kick the iphone back into normal mode in nearly every situation.

    • brando88 says

      err… you really shouldnt be using ziphone… lol

    • I really don’t understand everyone bashing Ziphone…I’ve had my phone jailbroke by ziphone for several months now with NO PROBLEMS.

    • Why is that? I’ve personally usesd ZiPhone, iLiberty+, and WinPwn and ZiPhone 2.5 is the only one that DOESN’T screw my phone.

    • ziphone sucks because he is a fake and a stealer.. use pwnage

    • lestat1124 says

      Ya’ll seriously need to get over yourselves. There are now many different jailbreak apps available to the public. NOT one single person created theirs from scratch. Who cares who got what from where, if it works, thank them and go on about your business. I have used two different programs and ZiPhone was my latest app and I have had absolutely no problems. Same for pwnage…so how about we just stick to the topics and save your opinions for how u jailbreak your iphone for another thread.

      Ok sorry for all of that folks but my question is, if you have ur phone locked and your listening to music, does your play/pause name screen show up on top of ur intelliScreen or underneath it?

    • your play pause replaces it, thenif you lock again and show screen it is on top of album art

    • cool_guy says

      i have to agree… ziphone sucks… i have used it before and it screwed my iphone… winpwn is far superior.. i even can choose my boot logo… :P

    • How can you kick it back in normal mode with ZiPhone? Had to restore iPhone already a couple of times because of bad apps :(

    • how u screwed u r iphone with ziphone????
      i jailbreak and unlocked a lot
      of iphones with ZiPhone and never happend one thing…

  5. yesterday this broken my system, today, after restore – AGAIN!!

    • haha, poor u.
      I didn’t want to risk my touch, and moreover, i think i make my lock screen ugly and look like a mess

  6. saaafrooot says

    what it the source ?

  7. goonerlen says

    this is one cool app works fine on my iphone 1.1.4

    i have a tip for everyone if your touch screen stops resonding after installing any apps.. like kate does to mine allll the time, then just take your sim card out of the phone pop in a different card then turn phone on.. touch screen works again ;-) then just swap back to your sim and everything is fine and working

    this works 100% of the time for me NO more resetting through ziphone and then installing everthing on again!! ENJOY

  8. Folks – if it hangs your iPhone, just hold down the Home button for about 8 seconds. It will boot back to the Home screen.

  9. For those of you without a second sim card, install, respring or restart to respring the springboard. You’ll get your touch functions back.

  10. I added the source and then refreshed…twice and still can’t find the app….anyone else having this problem?

    • goonerlen says

      yes i did but i……just typed the name in the top of the installer and it goes straight to it ken… ;-)

  11. Found it, but under the ALL apps and search..

  12. Great, GREAT app. Kate/Caterpillar just got owned.

  13. axelhofmann says

    Sweet! But I do prefer the looks of kates ucalander… so simple and clean, just melts in… give me that great look with rss and weather too!

  14. am on 1.1.3. no problem installing.

  15. Oh man, I totally misread your screenshot – I was looking for a way to add Twitter to the screen.

    Still, very cool and promising app.

  16. So this app is just like itoday? I like this one already, but what are the advantages/disadvantages over itoday?

  17. It`s nice but what about europe,I live in Macedonia and the weather is only in Fahrenheit no Celsius,that is stupid man

  18. Hi,

    just installed it on a 1.1.4 – the system hang on the IntelliScreen Agreement, no further reaction of the iPhone. Rebooting leads into the same situation, pressing Home screen is without any function. ANy ideas?

    Kindest regards,


    • what did you use to jb yoru phone, and is your phone also UNLOCKED

    • krystian says

      same thing happened to me, i ssh into the phone and removed the app but it didnt work. i used ziphone to jb and unlock my iphone

    • i have a bad feeling its because eather you unlocked your phoen or because of ziphone

    • @rp4k : ziphone and yes, running on different German operators (but not T-Mo…;-)

    • lol I really want to install this but to scared I wonder if he is going to update again by tomorrow

  19. The app doesn’t recognize my city!
    I tried
    Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro, RJ
    Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro, BZ

    nothing works!!

    • You can try searching your city on and put your city code (should be 4 letters) in, at least it worked for me.

    • Macintoshico says

      Mestre tenta Rio de Janeiro,Brazil – Note que coloquei sem espaço após a vírgula, no meu iPhone funcionou. E já voltei a config. da minha cidade Floripa.

  20. i would like to know how successful it works on 1.1.4 iphone, with an jb phone (iliberty or w/e ) and still LOCKED not unlocked?? just curious if it will work flawless or will i have problems.

    • I haven’t had any problems and I’m running the same stuff as you. (I don’t have dock or customize though…not sure if that matters).

  21. I tried this and it worked. I was curious about iToday and it messed up my iPhone. Restarting froze my screen. I hit the home and power bottom for 8seconds and turned it back on but it was still frozen on the start up screen where the apple logo would be but I have my own pic up there cuz I used winpwn on 1.1.4 of course. I was able to fix it by charging my iPhone and it got past the start up screen. After I uninstalled both apps I still had problems restarting but I just kept plugging my iPhone into my charger and eventually it would go to SLIDE TO UNLOCK. Everything seems to be working fine this morning. I’m so glad that I didnt have to restore. As for now, I’ll stick to the kate apps that is cracked. It work just fine and I’ve had it for 5 days now and it’s free if u can fugues out how to use the crack.

  22. justin. are you on AT&T or are you unlocked

  23. I found a hack to e-mail , even if the phone is locked you can launch e-mail client.

    Slide your finger (just like delete) and it gives a launch e-mail button , tap on it (even if the phone is locked) it launches the e-mail client.

    • You can actually slide your finger across News Feeds or Sports or propbably everything and get a button to Safari It.

      So Cool.

  24. heimlich says

    i have a jb’d 1.1.4 iphone, it works fine but i cannot save any settings. Tried restarting and reinstalling a couple of times but same result… WON’T SAVE! help!

  25. when i try to install it , a pop up appears and say me that i have to install bsd subsytem when ive alredy installed :S

  26. to the people out there that are having problems with apps like kate, itoday, you have to uninstall applications like dock which are running in the background. i had to restore my phone twice bcoz of this and only till yesterday i found out after uninstalling dock it will work properly. and now i can happly say i am enjoying both of these app’s.

    on another note i found a glitch in my phone after installing it.when i would recieve a call i wont hear any ringtone nor would my phone vibrate!!!….i hope i am not the only one facing this problem bcoz that would just suck…can anyone tell me why this is happening\????

    • Try switching the Silent/vibrate switch back and forth…I noticed…after reading your post that when I call my iPhone from my work phone…it would vibrate only…even disabled the app and get the same results. After switching the switch back and forth…it now rings and vibrates correctly.

  27. another thing i noticed was the call feature wasnt working for some reason. does anyone no why that isnt working?? or is working for you guys??

  28. sorry what i thought to be the call feature was actually the calender feature!! lool.

  29. Bricked my phone….had to restore ;(

    • ServerSage says

      If it bricked your phone, you would not be able to restore. “Bricked” means just that, you have a $400 brick that you can use to build a wall with.

  30. works flawless on 114 jb, with att, all sounds work everything works fine. only thing is that the rss feeds weather and mail wont update unless you respring your phone first… thats the only problem so far

  31. Jonesyxxiv says

    Once I installed this my iphone kept on freezing on the home screen. I could move from page to page but I couldn’t click on apps or lock my phone. I had to shut down my phone and restart it only to have it freeze again. I now have it uninstalled.

  32. Jonesyxxiv says

    I forgot to mention my Phone is a 1.1.4. Also ziPhone is awesome and ive never had any problums with it.

    • cool_guy says

      thats why you are having the freezing issue!!! because u used ziphone!! and u still say that it is awesome????? sigh~~~

      other people have no freezing problem at all!

    • am on 1.1.3, jb with ziphone, no problem at all!

    • Reason why im on DEV. is because of what ZIPHONE has done to this world, the sad part is that everyone thinks he is some great person but in reality he puts a secrete script file embeded into your phone (EVEN AFTER YOU RESTORE) that can’t be removed. the really said part is that if you take your phone to an apple store to get it fixed and u thought you were on a clean restore they will find the unauthorized script on your phone and you will have no warrenty. the othe sad part is that the script is just HIS way of encoding his own personal TAG stating that he made this JB (the one u used) in reality the script is in the wrong area so when you reflash/restore/ or use some programs that look for certin things in the baseband you will get screwed… please stop saying he is great when he has caused us the most headache out of this scene. sad but true.

    • ServerSage says

      When I read the top title it was “IntelliScreen 0.8” NOT “ziPhone sucks” or “ziPhone rules”. Keep on topic. Jonesyxxiv: Did you have Dock or Customize installed? I’m curious, because they seem to cause this same issue on both iLiberty and ziPhone with this app.

    • ServerSAGE:::: I have a JB 114 used by iliberty, and i have CUSTOMIZE 2.0 Beta and Summerboard and no problems here everything works great… but DOCK (PROGRAM) does cause alot of the problems because of were it access in the phones baseband , and that is why this program is CONFLICTING when you have DOCK installed.. just install dock and it should work, if not. then uninstall the intellisceen program also and then turn off turn on phone and reinstall it

  33. am on 1.1.3, jb with ziphone, no problem working with this app!

  34. disco_pimp88 says

    Can’t Find The Source. I’m in 1.1.2 so will it crash it??

    • from someone who is part of the dev team, i would have to say that i would feel that it would crash it because its using some new features that were not available yet in fw 112

  35. disco_pimp88 says

    Nvm i found the source. But those who had to restore because of this program were u on 1.1.2. Im planning on geting this app but i reall don’t want to restore cause i have alot of stuff on my ipod.

    • hey disco_pimp88 i really wouldn’t use this app if your only in 112 , i would upgrade to 114 since most apps now run on both 113 and 114

  36. I installed in my 1.1.4 iphone and it works fine! The only thing disapointig is that i can’t choose my favorite rss feeds.

  37. Works well on 1.1.4
    Only drawbacks Im facing are,
    Mail doesnt update (Says Database in use by mail)
    SMS shows numbers if you have international numbers with + sign.
    Can be a bit more clearer. (There is a good transparent mod on Modmyifone. Hope he implements it.)
    And Weather doesnt show Singapore weather for now.

    Otherwise, its an amazing app.

  38. how do u get that mail icon??? wats that app?

  39. using it with vwallpaper causes iPhone freezing!!!!

  40. works well on 1.1.3, jb with ziphone. however, the iphone screen turned blank when synced with itunes.

  41. I’ve installed it a few times on my ipod touch, but there’s a problem. Whenever I go into the settings to disable what I don’t want, enable time, etc. – the app doesn’t maintain my selections. Once I reboot, it just shows the default group of widgets. Also, everytime I unlock my ipod, it prompts me with the intelliscreen agreement – no matter how many times I hit accept. Anyone else getting this?

    • turn lock off

    • I turned lock off and it still didn’t work. Its almost as if the permissions weren’t set right and it won’t save the settings. However, I SSHd into the iPod, and everything seemed to be set fine.

  42. Macintoshico says

    IntelliScreen 0.8 is great, it perfectly works for me, in all of the functions. My iPhone 1.1.4, with Summerboard 3.2, unlock with Ziphone 2.5 to MacOSX, all in Brazilian Portuguese and all Apps are working. I see many iPhones here with problems, mainly the unlock with the Ziphone 3.0.

  43. Hi.
    I just updated to version 1.09b on my iphone 1.4.4
    Now I have a “dead” Iphone. It freeze at the apple logo.
    I suppose I have to re-install IPHONE again.
    Maybe this problem occur when I uninstalled ver. 1.08
    but forgot to turn the iphone off AFTER the uninstall.
    I just did the install afterwards. The update possibility did not work, therefore i dicided to uninstall.


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