poddle 1.0

poddle poddle reminds me of that game on The Price is Right, I think it is called Plinko. :) When the apps opens, you will get a splash-screen and then you will get a pop-up warning that this app is still in beta. You will then be brought to the main play screen. The object of the game is to get the silver ball to hit all the pegs. To release the silver ball, just tap the blue circle at the top of the screen. You can aim the ball by tapping and dragging which will display a white line showing where the bag will go. The game is not based on the accelerometer (so, no matter how much you tilt the phone, it will not affect the ball…trust me!). The silver ball will bounce through the pegs and off the side walls. Right now, the game does not do anything when you win it just kind of ends. You know the game is over when all you have left is the peg in the lower right corner. You have to close and reopen the app to play again. We will see what future updates bring. Hopefully we will see a few more levels, maybe a timer or even a score. poddle is available through the ModMyiFone.com source.

poddle 1.0 poddle 1.0 poddle 1.0 poddle 1.0 poddle 1.0 poddle 1.0

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  1. i got only 1 spot left like you in the picture and nothing happened ..
    is it a bug ?

    • No, the game just kind of ends like that. You have to close and reopen the app to play again. I added a sentence about it in my post…hopefully that will help!

  2. and what 2 columns in left and right for ?

  3. alex_dlc says

    cough cough (this looks like a copy of Peggle) cough cough
    lol, but seriously, its the same as the popcap game peggle. Chuzzle is also a popcap game, but that really looked like the real game. check them out on the popcap site

  4. This is also on the DavTeam’s Repo. He asked us to host it but I see he got a bigger source. Good for him :)

    BTW davteam.com/repo.xml it is on

  5. alex_dlc says

    dAvteam is not dEvteam. just pointing it out, since dEvteam is a reputable source, and im not so sure if dAvteam is

  6. It’s “Plinko” not “Pilinko”. =)

  7. it’s a clone of Peggle

  8. kleinPhi, brooke didn’t mention it.


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