poddle 2.0

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poddle The update to version 2.0 of Poddle adds quite a few new features! When you open the application, you will get a pop-up explaining how to play the game. The appearance of the main screen has not changed a ton however, there are a few new features. You will notice that there are two green pegs in with yellow and blue pegs. The green pegs will explode when your ball hits them and they are worth more points. Another change I noticed is that your high score is displayed on the top right of the screen and your score for the current game is still displayed on the top left of the screen. The New button in the upper right corner now works as well and will start a new game when selected. The Menu option has also been updated. You are now able to choose from five options; How To?, Themes, Credits, Donate and Close. In the themes option, [Read more…]

SuperMario – Poddle Skin

SuperMario poddle This is a pretty cool mod…it is a SuperMario skin the for the poddle game. This mod will overwrite the stock poddle theme. So, you will first need to install poddle and then the SuperMario mod. It will change the poddle icon to a Super Mario icon. When you open the application, the splashscreen will also have a Super Marion theme. On the play screen, the pegs have been changed to characters from Super Mario, the aim line has been changed to mushrooms and you shoot a fire ball instead of a silver ball. When you hit a character, [Read more…]

poddle 1.3

poddle Version 1.3 of poddle changes the game play of the application. You are no longer given an unlimited amount of balls instead, you now have ten balls in which to hit all the pegs. There is also a new scoring system. The blue pegs are worth 10 points times the number in Multiplier circle (that is the circle just below the Pegs heading). Orange pegs are worth 100 points times the number in the Multiplier circle. To increase the number in the Multiplier circle, [Read more…]

poddle 1.2

poddle The update to poddle version 1.2 adds a few new features to the app. The first thing you will notice is that there are now blue and yellow pegs. I’m not sure that the yellow pegs do anything different then the blue but, more color is nice. There are also two new option; Menu and New. Menu will give you a pop-up saying that there is no menu yet but gives you the option to donate and New will start a new game. Once you begin to play, you will notice another new feature… [Read more…]

poddle 1.1

poddle There has been a quick update to poddle bringing it to version 1.1. The update slightly changes the layout of the pegs. The lower three rows of the pegs are now closer together. Which I think was actually a great idea! Version 1.1 also fixes the glitch that leaves the lower right peg even after the game is finished. So, now the game ends when all the pegs are gone. I would love to see a pop-up saying the game is over and the option to play a new game. Right now you still have to go back to the SpringBoard and then back into the game to play again. I also noticed [Read more…]

poddle 1.0

poddle poddle reminds me of that game on The Price is Right, I think it is called Plinko. :) When the apps opens, you will get a splash-screen and then you will get a pop-up warning that this app is still in beta. You will then be brought to the main play screen. The object of the game is to get the silver ball to hit all the pegs. To release the silver ball, just tap the blue circle at the top of the screen. You can aim the ball by tapping and dragging which will display a white line showing where the bag will go. The game is not based on the accelerometer (so, no matter how much you tilt the phone, it will not affect the ball…trust me!). The silver ball will bounce through the pegs and off the side walls. Right now, [Read more…]