poddle 1.2

poddle The update to poddle version 1.2 adds a few new features to the app. The first thing you will notice is that there are now blue and yellow pegs. I’m not sure that the yellow pegs do anything different then the blue but, more color is nice. There are also two new option; Menu and New. Menu will give you a pop-up saying that there is no menu yet but gives you the option to donate and New will start a new game. Once you begin to play, you will notice another new feature…score. It will keep track of your score in the upper left corner. It doesn’t do anything with the score yet like add it to a High Score list or anything….maybe in the next version! Poddle is available through the ModMyiFone source.

Poddle 1.2 poddle 1.2 poddle 1.2 poddle 1.2 poddle 1.2

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  1. the yellow dots are 100 points.. andthe blue ones are 10 points

  2. in the start it says that u anly have to hit the orange thats for wat they are thought it doest do anythijg when u hit all orang s ;)

  3. The goal of the original Peggle is clean the orange dots on every level. I recomnmend that you try the original Popcap game. Is very adictive and for every age.

  4. Can’t download peggle anymore since the update. Download always fails.