poddle 1.1

poddle There has been a quick update to poddle bringing it to version 1.1. The update slightly changes the layout of the pegs. The lower three rows of the pegs are now closer together. Which I think was actually a great idea! Version 1.1 also fixes the glitch that leaves the lower right peg even after the game is finished. So, now the game ends when all the pegs are gone. I would love to see a pop-up saying the game is over and the option to play a new game. Right now you still have to go back to the SpringBoard and then back into the game to play again. I also noticed that the the ball falls and bounces more realistically now as well. Overall, a pretty good update. There are still quite a few features I would love to see in this app. We will see what the next update brings! poddle is available through the ModMyiFone source.

poddle 1.1 poddle 1.1 poddle 1.1

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  1. I get a repeated error on download. :-(